Teaching Teens Financial Responsibility

Moneyskill Student.

The University at Buffalo School of Management and M&T Bank have partnered to bring MoneySKILL®, an innovative personal finance curriculum, into area high schools.

MoneySKILL is a free, interactive online curriculum that educates students to make informed financial decisions on a variety of personal finance issues, including income, money management, spending, credit, saving and investing. It was developed by Lewis Mandell, professor emeritus of finance in the UB School of Management, in collaboration with the American Financial Services Association Education Foundation.

Through this public/private collaboration, M&T and the UB School of Management are working with local high schools to help them integrate MoneySKILL into their curricula. Although New York State requires high school students to complete at least one-third of a semester of study in personal financial management, there are no resources to help schools achieve this objective, nor are there penalties for failing to do so.

The UB School of Management and M&T Bank provide free teacher training and technical support for MoneySKILL, making it easy for teachers to use. And because the program can be completed online by students outside of regular class time, teachers don't have to change their daily lesson plans. In addition, a built-in grade book electronically records each student's test scores and course grade, and MoneySKILL is regularly updated as tax regulations and financial products and services change.

At least one teacher in each of the eight counties of Western New York is trained to use MoneySKILL. 

Local outreach to schools is funded by a grant from the M&T Charitable Foundation, with M&T providing a significant amount of staff and volunteer support to work with the UB School of Management in this effort.

Western New York teachers and school representatives interested in learning more about MoneySKILL can contact Caitlin McNulty at 716-645-3224.

Watch the video below to learn more about MoneySKILL.

Video that plays over the current page and describes the MoneySkill program.