Foundations of LeaderCORE™ Micro-Credential

Building on the success of MBA LeaderCORE, the School of Management is now sharing its expertise in leadership development with other graduate students throughout UB.

LeaderCORE badge.

A micro-credential is available for those who successfully complete this program. Visit the School of Management micro-credential website for more information.

Success in any industry is increasingly dependent on your behavioral skills—above and beyond your technical skills. Behavioral skills include expanding your self-awareness, understanding what motivates you, managing yourself in various situations, learning to be open to helpful feedback, and forming productive relationships with others. These skills are a vital differentiator in determining your overall effectiveness at work and shaping your personal and career growth.

How will Foundations of LeaderCORE help me?

We know employers look for more than technical skills when making hiring decisions. Career success and overall happiness are directly related to emotional intelligence. Foundations of LeaderCORE provides you with an opportunity to develop self-awareness, build on your strengths and bridge any gaps through competency development.

What your LeaderCORE journey will look like:

  • LeaderCORE Foundations I (MGB 630): Build your understanding of leadership, leadership competencies and self-awareness.
  • LeaderCORE Foundations II (MGB 631): Continue developing your skills primarily through action learning.
  • Foundations of LeaderCORE portfolio: Submit a comprehensive portfolio highlighting your development during the program, including reflections on your experiences and a summary of the goals you have achieved.
  • Foundations of LeaderCORE interview: Finally, to earn your micro-credential, participate in an interview assessment, allowing you to articulate your journey and discuss your progress.

Start your LeaderCORE journey today. For more information, send an email to