Dual Degrees – Health-Related Professions/MBA

Students with two strong interests who don't wish to choose one over the other may consider a dual graduate degree program that combines a health-related degree from the University at Buffalo with an MBA, including the following:

  • 9/24/21
    Enhance your audiology skills with a solid foundation of business acumen to prepare for a strategic leadership role.
  • 9/1/21
    Your patients are your clients. Your practice is also your business.
  • 9/24/21
    Enhance your world-class clinical training with advanced management education to become a sought-after health care leader.
  • 9/24/21
    Change agents with solid business skills are in demand to lead highly effective teams and create new programs and policies.
  • 9/24/21
    Drive the business of the pharmaceutical industry forward with the analytical tools and managerial skills necessary to become a leader.

Philip L. Glick MD, MBA

MBA Liaison to UB Health Science Schools and UB School of Management Collaborative Programs

Dual-degree students, from left, Conrad Gleber, MD/MBA '17; Jasmin Dhanjal, DDS/MBA '18; Laura Bielecki, PharmD/MBA '18; Ishita Mehta, PharmD/MBA '17; Bisi Aiyelabowo, PharmD/MBA '17; and Russell Van Coevering, MD/MBA '17.