Evaluate Your Results

Once you have completed the career development process, evaluate your results.

If all went perfectly, you have figured out what your "dream job" is, obtained it, and you are now deliriously happy in your work. Yet as we all know, reality often falls short of our aspirations. That doesn't mean that you have failed! Take a look at the process again to determine if there was a breakdown. 

Perhaps you got the job you wanted, but you are not happy. It happens! This presents an excellent opportunity to re-enter the self assessment phase with some concrete information about yourself.

Are you having a difficult time finding opportunities that interest you? Perhaps you need to spend more time in the self assessment portion of the process, or you may need to go more in depth in exploring your career options.

Have you identified key companies and opportunities but are unable to get interviews? You may need to look again at your skills and your résumé. Check the section for developing your tools. Are you getting first interviews and not getting called back? Try taking advantage of the many opportunities offered for honing your interview skills.

If you have some general ideas of what you would like to do, but are having trouble identifying specific opportunities, you may find it helpful to visit the section for conducting your job search again to organize the job search process and use the many resources that we have made available to you there. Is your geographic preference too narrow? Are your expectations realistic for your experience level and skill set?

As you move through your career, this process will help you to put order and logic into your search, as well as to identify extensive resources for helping you with each section. We encourage you to use these resources and the Career Resource Center to help you find your niche. Happy Hunting!