Digital Access Courses

Example of Panopto screen.

Digital Access courses have multiple sections, the live lecture and the digitally captured sections.

If you register for the traditional live section, you reserve a seat to attend the lecture as it is taking place and being recorded for later digital access. If you register for the Digital Access section, you will visit your course’s website in UB Learns every week to view your lectures online. Each class is available within 24 hours of the live lecture. You will still attend exams, labs and office hours in person on campus

You can view your Digital Access lecture at any time of the day or night and run the video stream at the pace that suits you best. You can stop lectures and take a break, listen to difficult topics more than once and review entire lectures when studying for an exam. Even students who regularly attend the live section of a class often use Digital Access for studying.

High-speed internet access is required to participate in online Digital Access courses if you wish to view the lectures from home. Students who do not have a fast enough modem connection at home typically watch lectures in campus computer labs or download the day’s lecture to a USB drive to take home to watch. Learn more about technical requirements and related information.

Available Digital Access Courses

  • MGE 302 Applied Economics  
  • MGF 301 Corporation Finance
  • MGO 302 Production and Operations Management
  • MGQ 201 Introduction to Statistics for Analytics
  • MGQ 301 Statistical Decisions for Management  
  • MGS 351 Introduction to Management Information Systems
  • MGO 403 Fundamentals of Strategic Management

MGQ 201 is open to all university students. Non majors interested in MGQ 301, MGF 301, MGS 351 or MGO 302 should stop into the Undergraduate Academic Programs Office in 204 Alfiero Center during the open registration period. Visit the Undergraduate handbook for all course descriptions