Roli Nath

MBA ’21

Roli hails from Rajasthan, India. She is a second-year MBA student, majoring in data analytics. She has taken electives in marketing, health care, and supply chain, which align with her interests in these industries. Before joining the UB MBA, she worked as a dentist in Dubai, UAE. She has served in many roles, such as infection control officer, radiation protection officer, and dental surgeon in Novo Health Care in Dubai. 

She identifies herself as a continuously evolving and passionate soul who wishes to combine the best of two worlds – medicine and business - into her aspirations for serving society. She believes that learning never stops, and she thrives with new challenges in the environment around her. The agile method of problem-solving helps her complete her tasks on time. She draws a lot of confidence and happiness owing to her adaptability in working with small and big teams throughout her professional career. Being someone from a health care background, compassion and empathy come naturally to her. 

The fun fact about her is she is an artist, so yes, she is an art lover. She admires and loves any form of art and crafts. She is also planning to start her painting page on Instagram. She has worked with Blackstone Launchpad on a project to save world heritage, and she certainly wants to create a venture because many forms of art are dying a slow death. 

MBA Concentrations: Data analytics

Undergrad Institution: Rajiv Gandh University of Health Sciences

Undergrad Major: Dentistry

Activities, Affiliations and Awards: Elizabeth M. and Joseph P. Ivers Management Scholarship, Irene and Jeff Jacobson Family Scholarship, UB Health Care Club, UB Marketing Association

Roli Nath talks about her background and why she chose the UB MBA.

"Come, let's spread happiness and positivity! Let us achieve big!"