Soumaila Sanogo

MBA ’21

Soumaila is from Africa's Ivory Coast. He lived in New York City for eight years working for the Permanent Mission of Ivory Coast to the United Nations. He decided to pursue something more exciting and challenging, so he started his own company in transportation and operated it for about two years. He soon found that the transportation industry changed quickly with new, big and innovative companies conquering the market. Old business models that had existed for decades gave way to competitors incorporating technology as competitive differentiators. 

"My concentrations are finance and data analytics." Soumaila said. "The UB School of Management was the best choice for me, because I have the option to do both of these concentrations and the opportunities to intern in Western New York."

MBA Concentrations: Finance, analytics

Undergrad Institution: Pennsylvania State University

Undergrad Major: Finance

Activities, Affiliations and Awards: MBA LeaderCOREā„¢, Connection to Excellence Scholarship

I made the decision to get an MBA to hone my analytical and leadership skills in order to have the tools necessary to face challenges in my future ventures.