Academic Coaching

Students talk while working in the Undergraduate Learning and Community Center.

Create your own path to success.

By working with an academic coach, you can create a personal plan to support your academic goals and be sure you are taking advantage of the best resources to help you achieve them.

Learn organizational systems to help you stay on task and focused, and develop efficient study techniques to help you save time and learn more effectively. 

What our students are saying:

“My coach was able to help me start mapping out my semester and plan strategies for what I struggled with last semester. I want to improve and perfect my study skills, and this is the best place to do that.”

“Coaching opened my eyes to new study strategies and set me up for tutoring. I love to be in the center—the atmosphere is welcoming, and everyone is friendly.”      

“I now know better ways to study for my quizzes. The people here are caring and willing to help you out. It feels like family in here.”

“Coaching gave me more ways to study and kept me in check. Whether you're passing or failing, this is a great way to learn new things.”

“My coach was kind and helpful, and made me excited to return for follow-up sessions. Coaching is a great resource for business students, and the center is a great place to learn, study or receive academic help.”

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