CEL Advisory Board

The CEL Advisory Board selects participants for each year's Core program and provides advice on program content. Members of the board serve as mentors, reactors and advisors in the clinic sessions and offer both formal and informal networking opportunities to Core program fellows.


Joseph Alutto

Paul Willax

Founding Policy Council Members

Franklyn S. Barry Jr.

Dan Brown

John D. Cannon

Frank L. Ciminelli

Randall L. Clark

Tom Culligan

William P. Hart

James A. Hoover

Laurence Al Levite

Gerald S. Lippes

Herb Mennen

Carl J. Motante

Frank R. Nero Sr.

Henry P. Semmelhack

Joseph E. Wolfson

Contributing Founders

Salvatore Alfiero

Paul Snyder


Stuart Angert

Fred Saia

Stephen Hunt

Keith Stolzenburg