2006-07 Workshops

Fall 2006

  • Angela Gore, University of Oregon (Sept. 8)
    Why do Cities Hoard Cash? Determinants and Implications of Municipal Cash Holdings
  • Steven Huddart, Pennsylvania State University (Sept. 22)
    An Optimal Contracting Approach to Earnings Management
  • Uday Chandra, University at Albany (Oct. 6)
    The Information Content of Private Debt Placements
  • Yan Zhang, University of Binghamton (Nov. 3)
    Internal Control Weaknesses and Client Risk Management
  • William Kross, Purdue University (Nov. 16)
    The Voluntary Disclosure of Cash Flows Information in Earnings
    Announcements and the Market Valuation of Earnings Surprises
  • C. Agnes Cheng, University of Houston (Dec. 5)
    Persistence of Accruals and Cash Flows in Predicting Future Cash Flows

Spring 2007

  • Marie Blouin, University at Buffalo doctoral student (Jan. 19)
    What Types of Firms Send a Clear Signal in the MD&A? Determinants of Annual Report Readability
  • Adam Koch, Carnegie-Mellon University (Jan. 19)
    Once Bitten, Twice Shy: The Relation Between Outcomes of Earnings Guidance and the Provision of Subsequent Guidance
  • Joseph Comprix, Arizona State University (Feb. 23)
    Pension Plan Accounting Estimates and the Freezing of Defined Benefit Pension Plans
  • Boochun Jung, University of Colorado at Boulder (March 2)
    Information Asymmetry and the Relations between Dividend Increases ,Risk and Expected Future Earnings Changes
  • Chan Li, University of Kansas (March 9)
    Does Client Importance Affect Auditor Independence at the Office Level? Empirical Evidence from Going Concern Opinions
  • Yuan Xie, Tulane University (March 19)
    The Market Effects of Breaking a String of Meeting or Beating Analysts’Expectations: Downward Revision of Future Cash Flows or Increase in Cost of Equity Capital?
  • Glyn Winterbotham, University of Oklahoma (March 23)
    Predicting Future Corporate Earnings with Industry and Geographic Segment Disclosures
  • Paul Zarowin, New York University (May 2)
    Capitalization vs Expensing of R&D and Earnings Management