2013-14 Workshops

Spring 2014

  • Jing Chen, New York University (Jan. 24)
    Lowball Guidance and Management’s Credibility
  • Marc Cussatt, University of Colorado at Boulder (Feb. 5)
    The Usefulness of Pension Obligation Estimates: Evidence from the Post-Financial Crisis Era
  • Na Li, University of Toronto (Feb. 7)
    Impact of Mandatory Changes in Convertible Debt Accounting:  Evidence from APB 14-1
  • Xin Dai, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities (Feb. 10)
    Did Regulation Fair Disclosure Diminish Institutional Investors’ Ability to Mimic Profitable Insider Trades?
  • Pietro Bianchi, IE Business School-Madrid (Feb. 14)
    Do Auditors’ Networks Matter? Evidence from Italian firms
  • Michael Dambra, University of Rochester (Feb. 17)
    The Effect of internal capital shocks on manager behavior: Evidence from changes in ERISA pension accounting rules
  • Hong Xie, University of Illinois-Champaign (March 28)
    Non-articulation between Financial Statements, Cash Flow Predictability, and Bank Loan Contracting
  • Tzachi Zach, The Ohio State University (April 11)
    Private Debt Contract Complexity: What the Numbers Don’t Tell You

Fall 2013

  • Eric Yeung, Cornell University (Sept. 20)
    Does Stock Price Contagion Reflect the Information in Earnings Management Contagion?
  • Francois Brochet, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Oct. 3)
    Insider Sentiment and Market Returns around the World
  • Mark Bradshaw, Boston College (Nov. 8)
    Ownership Structure and Tax Avoidance: Evidence from Agency Costs of State Ownership in China