2015-16 Workshops

Fall 2015

  • September 25 - Shane Heitzman, University of Southern California
    Internal Information Quality and Investment Sensitivities to Market Value and Cash Flow
  • October 23 - Baruch Lev, New York University
  • November 20 - Michael Willenborg, University of Connecticut

Spring 2016

  • January 29 - Matthew Sherwood, University of Kansas
    Audit Effort and Audit Quality: The Effects of Adopting Auditing Standard No. 5
  • February 3 - Leila Peyravan, University of Toronto
    Financial Reporting Quality and Dual-Holding of Debt and Equity
  • February 10 - Mindy (Hyo Jung) Kim, University of Arizona
    The Impact of Managerial Overconfidence and Ability on Auditor Going-Concern Decisions and Auditor Termination
  • February 12 - K. Philip Wang, Michigan State University
    Risk or Noise? An Examination of Offsetting Financial Instruments
  • February 17 - Andrew McMartin, Texas A&M University
    The Disclosure Cost of SEC Registration and Market Unraveling: Evidence from Rule 144A and Yankee Bond Issues
  • February 19 - Ciao-Wen Chen, University of Washington
    The Disciplinary Role of Financial Statements: Evidence from Mergers and Acquisitions of Privately Held Targets
  • April 1 - Richard Frankel, Washington University-St. Louis
    Predicting Accruals based on Cash-Flow Properties
  • April 22 - Michael Willenborg, University of Miami
    Management Disclosures of Going-Concern Uncertainties: The Case of Initial Public Offerings