Joseph P. Ogden

Professor Emeritus


PhD, Purdue University
MBA, Oklahoma State University
BS, University of South Dakota


Ogden's research interests focused on the valuation of securities, the behavior of security prices and returns, corporate finance, and market microstructure. He has won several awards for his research. He is co-author of the textbook, Advanced Corporate Finance: Policies and Strategies (Prentice Hall).

Selected Publications

Ogden, Joseph P. "An Analysis of Yield Curve Notes." Journal of Finance.

Ogden, Joseph P. and A. Tucker. "The Relative Valuation of Currency Spot and Futures Options: Theory and Empirical Tests." Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis.

Ogden, Joseph P. "Turn-of-Month Evaluations of Liquid Profits and Stock Returns: A Common Explanation for the Monthly and January Effects." Journal of Finance.

Lesmond, David A., Joseph P. Ogden, Charles A. Trzcinka, A New Estimate of Transaction Costs, Review of Financial Studies, v. 12, no. 5, Winter 1999, pp.1113-1142.

Ogden, Joseph P., The Calendar Structure of Risk and Expected Returns on Stocks and Bonds, Journal of Financial Economics, v. 70, no. 1, 2003.

Professional Associations

  • American Finance Association
  • Western Finance Association
  • Financial Management Association
  • Turnaround Management Association

Past Administrative Responsibilities

  • Chair, Finance Department
  • Faculty Senate
  • Policy Committee
  • MBA Committee
  • Undergraduate Committee

Consulting Activities

  • Testified in litigation cases involving investor-broker disputes
  • Directed and taught in Securities Education and Training Program

Awards and Recognition

  • AAII Award at the Financial Management Association for Best Paper in Investments

Other Experience

  • 1983-1988: Assistant Professor, University of Tennessee