Lawrence Southwick Jr.

Associate Professor Emeritus
University Research Scholar


PhD, Carnegie Mellon University
MS, Carnegie Mellon University
MBA, Western Michigan University
BS, Case Institute of Technology
Certified Management Accountant
Certified in Financial Management


Southwick's interests are in applied microeconomics. He is widely published in education economics, medical and legal economics, public policy and the economics of local governments. He is author of a text, Managerial Economics. For 20 years, Southwick served as councilman and later for four years as comptroller of the Town of Amherst, a community of more than 110,000 people. He also is frequently an economic consultant in tort cases.

Selected Publications

Southwick, L., Jr., “Economies of Scale and Market Power in Policing,” Managerial and Decision Economics 26 (8):461-473 (2005).

Southwick, L, Jr., "Self-Defense With Guns: The Consequences," Journal of Criminal Justice, 28 (2000), 351-370.

Chapman, K. S. and L. Southwick, Jr. "Testing the Matching Hypothesis: The Case of Major League Baseball." American Economic Review Vol. 81, No. 5. (December 1991): 1352-1360.

Hamlen, W., Jr. and L. Southwick Jr. "Quality in MBA Programs: Inputs, Outputs, or Value Added?" Journal of Economic and Social Measurement Vol. 15. (1989): 1-26.

Southwick, L., Jr. "An Economic Analysis of Murder and Accident Risks for Police in the United States." Applied Economics Vol. 30. (1998): 593-605.

Professional Associations

  • American Economic Association
  • Institute of Management Accounting
  • The American Statistical Association

Consulting Activities

  • Analysis of economic impacts and firm values
  • Expert witness testimony

Other Service

  • Restoration Society Inc., Board of Directors (March 1992-present)
  • Seneca Nation of Indians Economic Development Corp., 1993-97
  • Amherst South Rotary, President 2004-05, Ass’t. Gov. 2005-08