Jerry M. Newman

SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus
Organization and Human Resources


PhD, University of Minnesota
MA, University of Minnesota
BA, University of Michigan


Newman's interests are in the area of human resource management, with particular emphasis on compensation and rewards. He is author of the book My Secret Life on the McJob: Lessons in Leadership Guaranteed to Supersize any Management Style (McGraw-Hill, 2007) Newman is also co-author of the text, Compensation (2007), a best-in-class book for McGraw-Hill since 1984 (now on 9th edition). He has authored approximately 100 articles on compensation and rewards, performance management and other human resource issues. In more than 30 years of consulting, Jerry has worked with such companies as Cummins Engine, AT&T, Graphic Controls, Hewlett-Packard, RJR Nabisco, Sorrento Cheese, McDonald's, Burger King and A&W Root Beer (Canada). Newman is a recipient of nine teaching awards including the SUNY Chancellor's Award for Excellence in teaching.

Click the link below to see a Wall Street Journal review of My Secret Life on the McJob by former White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card.

Selected Publications

Leadership Observations of an Undercover Fast Food Worker. Lead article in Management Research News, 2007, no. 30(7), 453-459.

Compensation Lessons From the Fast Food Trenches: Part 1. Article in Work Span, pp 22-27, March 2007, a publication of WorldatWork.

Compensation Lessons From the Fast Food Trenches: Part 2. Article in Work Span, April 2007. A publication of WorldatWork.


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  • Lessons from Seven QSR Managers. Wienerschnitzel Inc. May 2007. Los Angeles, CA
  • Key Differences Between Good and Bad Leaders: An Undercover Crew Member's Perspective - A&W March 2007. Palm Springs, CA
  • People Report: Store manager influence on Culture and Turnover. June 2007, Dallas, TX
  • General Managers and Store Culture - Burger King July, 2007 Miami, FL. Contact Person: Nate Greenberg
  • Why are good stores good, and bad stores bad? Lessons from Fast Food. September 2007, Southern Multifoods, a franchisee of YUM Brands
  • Lessons in Leadership from Fast Food. September 2007. Baldwin Distinguished Lecture Series, University of Nebraska at Kearney