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  • The Manage-A-Bull Podcast: Welcoming a new Faculty Director of LeaderCORE™ to Buffalo

    Date: December 15, 2023

    In this episode we are joined by professor Marla Kameny, who is faculty director of LeaderCORE and the Master of Science and Management classes starting in fall of 2024. Kameny teaches three elective courses: MGB 615 - Leadership, Executive Presence and Emotional Intelligence, and MGB 630 and 631 - Foundations of LeaderCORE 1 and 2. She will also teach MGI 601 - Workforce Engagement in the spring. Learn about her path to teaching in the School of Management, the 15 years she spent in Louisiana, and her favorite place to get chicken wings!

    Audience: prospective and current students, MBA

  • The Manage-A-Bull Podcast: An Army Blackhawk pilot's journey to pursuing an MBA

    Date: December 1, 2023

    In this episode we are joined by ⁠Kaitlin Lafferty⁠, a first-year MBA student and a U.S. Army veteran. In the Army, she was a Black Hawk helicopter pilot and left as a captain. After a brief stint in the industry, she came back to pursue a graduate degree to gain skills for long-term success. Today we talk to her about her Army experience, transition to civilian life, experiences at UB and what's next.

    Audience: prospective and current students, MBA, veterans