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  • The Manage-A-Bull Podcast: Insights from Professor Michael Dambra - Accounting, Consulting and the MBA Experience

    Date: May 24, 2024

    In this episode of the UB School of Management's Manage-A-Bull Podcast, host Patrick Lageraaen interviews Michael Dambra, associate professor of accounting and law, about his background and his experience as a private equity consultant. They discuss the relevancy of accounting courses, the transition from consulting to academia and the importance of soft skills in the accounting profession. Dambra also talks about his MBA class, Accounting for Management Decision Making, and how it teaches students to analyze internal information, make budgeting and cost analysis decisions and understand incentives in accounting. He emphasizes the value of critical thinking and the need for continuous learning in the accounting field. Additionally, Dambra discusses the changing landscape of accounting due to advancements in technology and the increasing importance of data analytics skills. He advises prospective MBA students to consider the diverse opportunities available in the program and encourages departing students to pursue careers that align with their passions and to focus on long-term goals.

    Audience: prospective and current graduate students

  • The Manage-A-Bull Podcast: HINTing Towards Excellence - Mariam Sadawi's MBA Path in Entrepreneurship

    Date: May 10, 2024

    In this episode of the Manage-A-Bull podcast, we interview ⁠Mariam Sadawi⁠, a first-year MBA student and small business owner. Mariam discusses her motivations for being an entrepreneur, the challenges of running a small business while in a graduate program and how an MBA degree is applicable to her goals as an entrepreneur. 

    Audience: prospective and current graduate students