Allison Brooks, BS ’15, MS ’16

Andrew Barney, BS '15, MS '16.

Growing up on Long Island, Allison Brooks was inspired by her accountant grandfather from an early age. 

In high school, she completed a college-level accounting course, which spurred her to pursue a career as a certified public accountant. Allison earned her Bachelor of Science in accounting in 2015 at the UB School of Management and will complete a Master of Science in accounting in 2016. 


What attracted you to UB and our accounting program?

Something I love about UB is its size. While I’ve already met an abundance of amazing people through various activities around campus, I can also walk around campus every day and meet someone new. The School of Management provides students with clubs and opportunities to launch their career, and the Career Resource Center (CRC) hosts different events with alumni who help students gain knowledge and relationships in their field. 

You’ve also served as a resident advisor and a CRC teaching assistant. What did you gain from those experiences?

There is so much more to my college experience than just receiving a degree. Becoming a resident advisor and teaching assistant has taught me some of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned. I gained and enhanced many soft skills, including communication, adaptability, leadership and time management. In addition, getting involved around campus helped me find my passion for mentoring others.  

You’re currently interning with KPMG in New York City. What are your responsibilities, and what have you learned?

My main responsibility is to support and assist associates and senior associates in conducting an audit. I was placed on three engagements in different industries, allowing me to learn differences between companies and how the audits are conducted.

The networking opportunities KPMG provides are always fun and informative, too. I’ve developed relationships with a range of employees throughout the firm from interns to partners, who have all been very supportive and knowledgeable. 

What are your career goals after graduation?

After completing my master’s degree in accounting, I plan to complete the CPA exam and begin working full time as an audit associate at KPMG. I also plan to incorporate my passion for mentoring by getting involved in the recruiting and training departments in the firm. I hope to give back to the School of Management as well. I’d love to come back for networking or recruiting events to provide students with the same opportunities I was lucky enough to have as a student.

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