BS/MS Programs

Earn your bachelor’s and master’s degrees seamlessly with one of our 4+1 programs.

Our combined Bachelor of Science and Master of Science programs provide an educational experience that is both cost- and time-efficient. 

Employers are seeking candidates who have the breadth of a strong undergraduate education as well as the deep knowledge and technical skills you gain from a specialized master's program. Increase your career potential with a program that delivers both.

Why should you apply to a 4+1 program as an entering first-year UB student?

  • Guaranteed admission to the MS program with overall, UB, and management undergraduate GPA of 3.25*
  • Remove traditional barriers to entry into graduate-level study, such as standardized tests, application costs and admissions decision angst.
  • Stay on track in your academic progress and leverage this efficient pathway straight into a graduate degree. 
  • Specifically for international students, obtain an educational visa authorization for five years instead of four and capitalize on the STEM designation of our programs, extending your Optional Practical Training (OPT) time in the United States and increasing your opportunity to work for U.S. employers.

*BS/MS Accounting students must also achieve a minimum junior-senior year accounting GPA of 3.0 to continue to graduate courses.

Program Options


Entering first-year students are admitted directly to the 4+1 programs before the start of their first semester at UB. Simply indicate this on your orientation data form or let your School of Management academic advisor know you want to be enrolled in one of our 4+1 programs, and then stay on track to seamlessly complete both degrees.

Internal and external transfer students may in their junior year request individual academic reviews for these programs.