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Whether you are struggling with fundamentals or just want to boost your GPA, our center-certified peer tutors can help you meet your academic goals.

We offer one-on-one and group tutoring for the following courses:

  • MGA 201 – Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • MGA 202 – Introduction to Management Accounting
  • MGF 301 – Corporation Finance
  • MGQ 201 – Introduction to Statistics for Analytics
  • MGQ 301 – Statistical Decisions in Management

For each course, there are three ways you can work with a peer tutor. Simply leave a note for your tutor on your goals for the session when you schedule it.

  1. Content support: When you are struggling to understand your course material, our tutors can show you new ways to look at and learn the information. Sometimes it helps to hear content explained in different formats, question small details or clarify your notes. Our tutors are trained to walk you through the material and add clarity to the content.
  2. Organize to study: If you are overwhelmed by all the information you need to learn for a test, our tutors can help. They will show you how to organize your material to prepare for upcoming papers, quizzes or exams.
  3. Knowledge check: Sometimes you just need to make sure you got it right. You can meet briefly with a peer tutor to ask one question, or spend an hour reviewing theories, formulas and content. We will let you know if you are on track, so you can walk into class knowing you understand the material.

Additional On-Campus Tutoring Help

Come prepared

Our tutors are here to help you become an active and independent learner. Tutoring can help enrich your understanding of the course material, improve your focus and provide efficient study methods.

To get the most out of your session, be sure to arrive on time and bring any necessary course materials, such as your textbook, notes, assignment and syllabus. When making your appointment, leave a note for your tutor about your goals for the session.

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Tutoring, workshops and coaching: 12-5 p.m.

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Join our team of skilled peer tutors

To apply, you must have a B+ or higher grade in the prerequisite courses you are requesting to tutor, a professor's recommendation, unofficial transcripts and a completed application.

Application packets are available in B20 Jacobs beginning the second week of February. Interviews are conducted during the spring semester.