Deck the halls... and the atrium and exterior

Photos by Tom Wolf

During the last few semester breaks, the hallowed halls of the School of Management got more than a fresh coat of paint.

With a new brand platform focused on the bold attributes of our students, and a strategic plan taking the school in new directions, it was time for an updated look in the surrounding environment that was consistent with that brand and befitting a world-class business school. If you haven’t visited lately, stop by. Until then, here are some photos to give you a preview.

When approaching the building from the Jacobs parking lots, you’ll know you’re heading in the right direction when you see one of our strategic goals emblazoned on the windows: Defining the future of management.

When you enter the building and turn toward Jacobs and Alfiero, the logo on the overhead beam tells you exactly where you are.

As you step into the Alfiero foyer, you’ll be inspired by a mural depicting students and alumni on a visit to Wall Street.

Straight ahead you’ll find a wall featuring a large welcome screen (thanks to the School of Management Alumni Association for the inspiration and funding). Flanking the big screen are four smaller screens with digital announcements, a live news feed, reputational pride points and the ever important weather and time.

The elevators are wrapped with a photo of Eric Reich, JD/MBA ’02, and Michael Weisman, MBA ’01, co-founders of Campus Labs. The pair credits UB and the School of Management for being instrumental in their success and the visual reminds students that they are in an inclusive, supportive environment.

To the right of the elevators is the Partners in Management wall, celebrating the collaborative relationships we have with so many organizations.

Jake Cercone takes a selfie in front of his mural.
Briana Janson takes a selfie in front of her mural.

Above: Moving down the hall, you’ll see oversized images of recent graduates with inspirational quotes from distinguished alumni. No stock images here—real students only. Be sure to send those selfies to mom!

Outside the Office of Alumni Engagement and External Relations, a world map and digital screen featuring alumni spotlights and events will give you a sense of the strength of your alumni-powered global network.