100 years, 100 voices

Speech bubble that reads "100 years, 100 voices.".

For a century, UB School of Management graduates have shaped the future of business as leaders, innovators and catalysts of change. As we stand at the crossroads of the past and the future, these 100 quotes highlight the ambition, tenacity and curiosity of our community members — and the impact the school has made on their lives and the world around them. 

1. The time I spent in Buffalo was critical in helping direct me toward my current career. I not only learned a lot, I also made great friends.
Millard (Mickey) Drexler, BS ’66
Owner, Alex Mill and Former CEO, Gap and J.Crew

2. I joined IBM after graduating from the School of Management, rose consistently throughout my career, and was ultimately promoted to the level of senior engineer manager, head of a 1,000-person organization in the real estate/site operations field at Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, the largest IBM facility in the world. I have always given much credit for my success to my UB education.

Wayne Liesegang, BS ’67 
Retired Senior Engineer Manager, IBM Corp.

3. My MBA program was the first year for the quantitative MBA Program. There were just 17 of us in it at the time, and we learned Fortran in one week to process our mathematical models applied to predicting various business management outcomes. Many graduates from that class became entrepreneurs and business owners, including myself.

Richard Kubli, BS ’67, MBA ’68
Founder, Institute of Information Technology

4. The School of Management provided me with the management, marketing, analytical, team and business skills I needed to manage a very large and successful legal practice and law firm for 20 years.

Kenneth Barna, BS ’69
Retired Equity Partner, Rubin and Rudman

5. The diversity of the faculty and my fellow students created an environment that welcomed open debate. This debate created lasting memories of the subject matter taught in each course.

Paul Kosieracki, BS ’71
Broker and President, K&S Commercial LLC

6. A UB School of Management course in goal setting and developing a life plan was a game-changer for me, and played a significant role in my business success.

Steve Rushmore, MBA ’71
Founder, HVS

7. When I attended UB, I had a great interest in urban affairs, a somewhat unorthodox subject for an MBA student at the time. However, the school encouraged me to pursue my interest as a minor and afforded me the opportunity to intern with the City of Buffalo’s Office of Community Development. I went on to pursue a management career in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development where I was able to apply many of the business principles I learned at UB.

Michael Litvin, MBA ’72
Retired Program Manager, Supportive Programs for the Homeless and Persons with HIV/AIDS, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

8. The business school education I received at UB paved the way for my future endeavors.

Ken Tuchman, BS ’72 
Retired Vice Chairman, Bank of Montreal 

9. My MBA prepared me for the next 45 years of work — attaining an executive position in the human resources field.

Thomas Dixon, BS ’71, MBA ’73
Retired Director, Human Resources, BASF

10. My undergraduate (junior and senior) classes were regularly attended by MBA candidates for their class work. That impressed me dramatically. Also, as undergrads, we were doing group study and projects back in the early ’70s that later became the model for Wharton and other noted MBA programs. This placed me light years ahead of my peers.

Alva Royston, BS ’73
Managing Director - Wealth Investments, AXIAL Family Advisors

11. My degree provided me with the direction to start my own company in 1975. Since then, A Lunt Design continues to manufacture intensive care baby products that are sold throughout the world by a major medical distributor, with all our raw materials made in the U.S.

Audrey Lunt, BS ’74
President/Business Owner, A Lunt Design Inc.

12.  My UB education provided me with the foundation for a successful career in business that included 35 years as senior vice president, president, CCO and CEO across six firms in four different industries.

Thomas Kowalski, BS ’75
Senior Advisor and Director, Private Company Boards

13. The School of Management offered a quality PhD program that allowed me to pursue a meaningful academic career for 42 years consisting of contributory research, impactful pedagogy and administrative leadership.

Donald Vredenburgh, PhD ’75
Professor Emeritus, Baruch College, The City University of New York

14. My MBA was the catalyst for my growth from an individual contributor to a general manager and leader. It was the foundation from which I developed the skills, strategic perspective and confidence to assume increasingly significant leadership roles in the business and nonprofit sectors. I’m forever grateful.
Judy Vredenburgh, MBA ’75
Former CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and Former CEO, Girls Inc.

15. The School of Management created a solid educational foundation that helped me build my businesses. As a student athlete, with failure being my greatest fear, I also developed a confidence (with help from UB) that made me realize my success can help others. Now it is my turn to give back to the UB community.

Tunney S. Murchie, BS ’75, MBA ’76
Owner, Lackawanna Products Corp.
The Murchie Family

16. Many of us who graduated in the first class of the Health Systems Management certificate program went on to regionally important positions. The school and my professors linked me into the world of regional health planning (brand new at the time) and from there I was able to get my first experience in consulting, even returning for a while to run consulting activities for the school.

Kenneth Rogers, MBA ’76
Executive Consultant, Kenneth A. Rogers

17. My UB experience provided me with the analytical skills and real-world exposure to become an effective executive. I firmly believe that my UB MBA helped me develop the skills necessary to be a highly effective COO.

Richard Zuidema, MBA ’76
Retired Executive Vice President, Enersys

18. My business school education provided me with the ability to analyze data and work with numbers, which many attorneys lack. I developed a specialty in taxation and real estate, both of which require an understanding of the concepts stressed in business school.

Jane Bacon Pedersen, MBA ’79 
Attorney, Jane L. Bacon Attorney at Law

19. In reflecting on a successful four-decade-long professional life, including stints as a CEO running billion-dollar businesses, I know that my success has UB School of Management fingerprints all over my career.

Rich Severa, BS ’79
Managing Partner, Accrective Partners & Strategies LLC

20. From a financial standpoint, a state school was my only option. I subsequently went to an Ivy League school for my master’s degree, and then on to law school. I can say with the greatest confidence that my bachelor’s degree from Buffalo, and the learning I gained, was every bit as strong as my Ivy League advanced degree.

Jeffrey Jacobson, BS ’81
Executive Chairman, Electronics for Imaging

21. My School of Management experience was transformative. I was the first in my family to attend college, and my experience exposed me to a new world. My accounting degree and MBA opened doors and enabled me to get a “seat at the table” as a young female in a traditionally male-dominated industry. I will be forever grateful.

Sharon Randaccio, BS ’76, MBA ’81
President and CEO, Performance Management Partners Inc.

22. It’s been about 40 years since I graduated, and I still reflect often on the valuable lessons and experience I harvested during my undergraduate days at UB. It was a very valuable asset in building my foundation for life and profession.

Barry Sloane, BS ’81
President, Chairman and CEO, NewtekOne Inc.

23. Honestly, what I learned at the School of Management made Harvard Business School quite easy for me. It wasn’t just the classroom education, it was the people around the education who inspired and frankly pushed me to dream bigger and do more.
Robert Black, BS ’82
Chairman, RTIC Outdoors

24. As a cornerstone of my life, the School of Management gave me the ability to see and experience a broad horizon of opportunity, thought, friendships and lifelong learning.

Robin Hunter, BS/MBA ’82 
Retired Executive Vice President, Fluent Inc.

25. I am forever grateful for the education I received at UB. The classroom experience, the diverse community and the rugby team all served as an incredible foundation to build upon post-graduation.

Bob Swan, BS ’83
Operating Partner, A16Z; Former CEO, Intel 

26. As an international student, I learned a lot about how to interact with students from the U.S. and other countries. That experience has been very helpful for my entire business career in many situations, such as international contract negotiations and relationships with foreign employees.

Tsuyoshi Fukuda, MBA ’84
In-House Legal Counsel, Toyo Corporation

27. After graduating with a degree in accounting, I earned my CPA and joined the FBI, where I led many significant cases throughout my career. One of the most significant cases was a consumer fraud initiative called Senior Sentinel, which pushed Congress to change fraud laws to protect elderly victims. UB prepared me well for my career and to contribute to our nation and world.

Edward Herbst, BS ’85, CPA
Managing Director, EY

28. UB, because of its quality program, attracts a diverse, talented, motivated and committed student body. Interacting with this group becomes part of the educational experience. It is knowledge sharing but also motivating to experience this environment, and it breeds a desire for excellence.

Michael Murray, BS ’75, MBA ’85
Retired Managing Partner, EY

29. When discussing details of an annual budget with a line item with unpredictable details, I said ‘We need to remind our parent company of the definition of stochastic.’ The team around me said ‘You probably want to start with us, and we promise we will never question the quality of UB’s education.’
Timothy Benjamin, BS ’85, MBA ’86
Group President, Marmon Crane Services

30. Congratulations to the UB School of Management on its 100th Anniversary! I could not be more grateful for my experience at UB and the foundation that it provided to me as I have navigated my professional career.

John Doyle, BS ’86
President and CEO, Marsh McLennan

31. I learned the basics to value a deal and then gained understanding of the negotiation process. That was in the context of new product identification (customer needs) as well as design and delivery with more than 30 new products across my career. Some were significant, including a pharmaceutical that benefited 7 million patients in the U.S.

Mark Stramaglia, MBA ’86
Principal and CEO, LGS Consultancy

32. I developed critical thinking, and operational and financial analysis skills, which enabled me to navigate my health care organizations through unprecedented challenges in reimbursement and regulatory burdens.  

Susan Larman, MBA ’87
Retired CEO, Visiting Nurses/Albany Med Health System

33. My MBA (HR and information technology concentrations) gave me a powerful academic toolkit with which to differentiate myself both in the job market and inside my HR departments. It helped me and my teams to drive productivity and quality through applications of practical HR technology in an era of explosive growth in these systems. My UB degree is the very foundation of my success over my 36-year career.

Mark Rodgers, MBA ’87
Senior Director, HR BI Platform Solutions and Master Data Management, GSK 

34. The Policy Studies curriculum has helped me to identify possibilities that others might overlook, and assess their suitability to our circumstances. At our small parish, which has been struggling financially, I was able to identify online giving as a potential strategy to increase revenue. We benefited greatly from implementing online giving just in time before the COVID-19 pandemic struck.

Fr. William “Jud” Weiksnar, PhD ’88, OFM
Pastor, Saints Columba-Brigid Church

35. UB taught me to solve complex problems in a work environment. I learned how to break down larger projects into smaller pieces to come to a successful solution.

Michael Schaffstall, BS ’90, CPA
Partner, Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner LLP

36. My experience in the MBA program prepared me well for the corporate world, and the skills acquired in the program allowed me to advance quickly in the pharmaceutical industry.

Deborah Aaronson, MBA ’91
Senior Area Sales Manager, Indivior

37. The School of Management’s broad-based and management science approach and offerings grounded me across many areas of corporate management and provided a foundation for my later career and leadership in corporate and securities law and corporate governance.

David Bell, BS ’90, MBA ’91
Partner, Co-Chair, Corporate Governance, Fenwick & West LLP

38. My education in accounting at UB played an important role in scoring among the top 100 people on the CPA exam in the USA and winning an award for my performance.

Daniel Laufer, BS ’91
Associate Professor of Marketing, Victoria University of Wellington

39. The School of Management provides an outstanding education and preparedness for a career in business, at a price point that delivers real value. In my experience recruiting students for entry-level positions, the average School of Management graduate is as good — if not better — than the average candidate from other schools.

Michael Draves, BS ’93, CPA
Partner (Retired), KPMG

40. The years I spent at the School of Management in the undergraduate and MBA programs were pivotal in my professional development. When I entered the workforce, I felt more prepared than many of my coworkers who went to competing schools.

Michael Olfano, BS ’92, MBA ’94
CEO, PCA Technology Group Inc.

41. The breadth of the School of Management’s BS and MBA degrees are second to none. I wouldn’t have succeeded in my career without the foundation of my UB education.

David Merrell, BS ’91, MBA ’96
President, North Forest Office Space

42. Excellent marketing research class that prepared me to understand the connections in data to form true insights that could be used to set strategic imperatives for the organization. I was far better prepared in this area than my peers coming out of Harvard, Wharton and Kellogg.

Tyler Ricks, MBA ’96
CEO, Super Coffee

43. Leadership success comes from many things, and one of them is generosity. At UB, I realized its abundance and that was transformative for me. Generosity with time, knowledge sharing, empathy — it all contributes to growth.
Sachin Barot, MBA ’02
Chief Financial Officer, PeopleConnect Inc.

44. By providing invaluable mentorship, networking opportunities and cutting-edge learning resources, the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership became a catalyst for my success. The dedication, expertise and unwavering support of the School of Management and the CEL have been vital in empowering me and other alumni to embrace entrepreneurial aspirations, tackle challenges head-on and create meaningful change.

David Cervi, CEL ’02 
President, Personal Touch Food Service Inc.

45. My School of Management education provided the training — both subject matter and soft skills — to succeed throughout my career.

Christopher Schenk, BS ’95, JD/MBA ’02
Chief Legal Officer, Curbell Inc.

46. The UB School of Management is composed of best-in-class faculty who are not only accessible, but also serve as valuable mentors in a smaller environment of your cohorts, which facilitates stronger and more meaningful long-term relationships.

Mark Collard, EMBA ’05
Managing Partner, Landmark Wealth Management

47. The diverse group I attended UB with really helped me better understand other students' and colleagues’ perspectives and led to diversity of thought. This is paramount to success in the corporate world. The UB MBA experience truly opened my eyes.

Nicklaus Ambrose, MBA ’06, CPA
Senior Vice President and Associate Finance Director, M&T Bank

48. Core was a truly invaluable experience for me and my family. Having a family business with all three of my children in the business attend Core has proven to be more than worth the cost. With CEL, you are exposed to valuable resources to aid in your business, many of which you would have never been able to access without the program.

Domenic Cortese, CEL ’06 
President, Cortese Construction Services

49. Data modeling, teams within cohorts, and presentation skills have been critical to success in my organization, industry and community.
Annika Samuels, MBA ’06
Director of Diversity and Inclusion, National Fuel Gas

50. Getting my MBA literally changed my life. I came away with a deeper understanding of myself and developed confidence in my business acumen. That experience changed my career, and I simply would not have had the opportunities I have enjoyed since, without that experience at UB.

Dottie Gallagher, EMBA ’07 
President and CEO, Buffalo Niagara Partnership

51. I entered the EMBA program when I was 40. I had already established a firm position as a research lab manager and could have continued this career until retirement, but pursuing my MBA at UB gave me the confidence to push for more. After graduating I was promoted to an administrative management position, and became Chief Scientific Operations Officer within four years. I credit the team structure of the UB EMBA program for teaching me the skills required to grow in an ever-changing executive management position.      

Dale Henry, EMBA ’07
Chief Scientific Operations Officer, Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center

52. The School of Management prepared me for the business world beyond what I could even comprehend at the time. The diversity at UB exposed me to many different cultures, and I learned how to work with and become close friends with peers from around the world.

Christopher Weatherspoon, BS ’07
Manager, Development Group Technology, Wegmans Food Markets Inc.

53. My tenure at the UB School of Management truly shaped and polished my corporate outlook, decision-making, and corporate social responsibility knowledge and thinking.

Kumara Iswaran, MS ’09
Associate Vice President – Alliances and Partnerships, SLK Software

54. Two years ago, I was tasked with building an entirely new team for a large company. I was able to leverage the skills I developed at UB to develop a strategy, culture, goals and metrics to track success. The success I had with that team allowed me to take a leap forward in my career.

Philip Manez, BS Engineering/MBA ’09
Vice President of Strategic Alliances, VAST Data

55. Every class had some real-life/real-time relevance for me. I advanced to the C-suite at my current employer using these skills.

Joseph Kessler, PMBA ’10
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, New York Power Authority

56. The CEL program was the jumpstart I needed to see my business from a new perspective and to improve it by engaging more impactful projects.

Steven Davis, CEL ’11 
President, Tapecon Inc. 

57. Every course involved group projects. I learned leadership skills from running teams, effective communication and public speaking. I was challenged while faculty provided additional opportunities to grow and encouraged participation in internships and job fairs.

Rob Kurzdorfer, BS ’11
Storage Division Supervisor, Department of Veterans Affairs

58. I reflect often on my EMBA experience with gratitude. I learned many practical, technical skills, but also developed as a leader in my personal awareness and ability to lead people that has been invaluable in my career. The ongoing support of classmates, faculty and administration in the years since then is an amazing asset to this day. 

Alex Adema, EMBA ’12
President and CEO, DPS Skis

59. One of the most important parts of my MBA experience was the relationship building that was done through our work in cohorts. This experience simulated extremely effectively what the world of work would look like. The ability to strategically manage relationships, outcomes and deliverables has made me much more effective in my career.

West Richter Jr., BS/MBA ’13
Director, Global IT Service Delivery, Moog Inc.

60. The experience at UB School of Management was a microcosm of the world today and how to manage through it —working with diverse teams, owning responsibility, constantly learning and questioning, and understanding when to lead and when to listen.

Joseph Chow, EMBA ’14, MD
President of Ambulatory Care, TeamHealth 

61. Business can be quite complex, but it makes sense if you are able to look at different segments, details and processes to take a big-picture perspective. I learned this while at UB, where I gained valuable knowledge about all facets of business.

Nicolay Netskar, BS ’16 
Director of Recruitment, College Scholarships USA

62. Attending UB was the turning point in my life that enabled me to discover myself and grow personally and professionally, and I hope that will encourage each and every woman to unleash her power beyond her comfort zone.
Asmaa Lashin, MBA ’17
Talent Programs Coordinator, Andela

63. My education has provided me both the opportunity and the competence to influence significant decisions at my company that impact thousands of colleagues.

Ryan Sattler, BS ’11, PMBA ’17
Senior Compensation Manager, M&T Bank

64. Studying entrepreneurial leadership at UB alongside fellow business owners fostered an inspiring environment of collaboration, growth and collective empowerment. Loved every second of it!

Rebecca Brady, CEL ’18
Founder, Top Seedz 

65. I learned many effective techniques about giving feedback that many of my colleagues have not. This helps me give good feedback to my subordinates every day. The School of Management also helped me to be an excellent team player and to effectively delegate tasks.

Ellene Sandoval, MD/MBA ’19
General Pediatrician, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

66. CEL Core gave me the tools I needed to work on my business, and not just in my business.

Kathleen Chiavetta, CEL ’20
Chief Operating Officer and Director of Business Development, Chiavetta’s

67. My club experience with Beta Alpha Psi, the accounting honors organization, and Alpha Kappa Psi, the oldest and largest business fraternity, have provided the community I needed to grow as a professional and as a leader. The Career Resource Center was the place that helped me land my first internship, which sprung into three more internships in undergrad.

Katriel Agregado, BS ’23

68. I was a first-generation college student from a developing country, and UB’s MBA program expanded my knowledge, culture and experience. Those transformative two years laid the foundation for my growth, which will ultimately benefit the society I come from and the society I will contribute to in the future.

Venkatesh Bonta, MBA ’23

69. The School of Management provided me with numerous extracurricular opportunities, which helped me gain practical knowledge and allowed me to connect with the school’s vast alumni network.

Ryan Coppola, BS ’22, MS ’23 
Research Analyst, Courier Capital LLC

70. The School of Management has created opportunities for me that I didn’t realize were possible. I appreciate the guidance Professor Bartula has given me to help advance my career and improve myself as both a professional and a person.

Chris Chudyk, BS ’22, MS ’23 
Postgraduate Technical Assistant, Financial Accounting Standards Board

71. My experience in the School of Management has helped me achieve exponential growth and transformational change to my business acumen, leadership ability and interpersonal skills. But more importantly, the life lessons I learned here have made me a better colleague, friend, son, brother and husband. I will forever be grateful for my time at UB!

Vish Gopalakrishnan, MBA ’23 

72. The Global Leadership Program reignited my passion for leadership and allowed me to interact with an amazing and diverse group of leaders from across the globe.

Rohan Grant, Global Leadership Program ’23
Graduate Student, Mona School of Business and Management, Jamaica

73. The School of Management provided me a place to grow professionally, build relationships that will last a lifetime, and be true to my authentic self.

Skyler Healy, BS ’23
Comcast/NBCUniversal Human Resources 2023 Summer Intern   

74. This leadership development program empowered my personal values, practical skills and professional aspirations as a global and local leader.

Louisa Manwari, Global Leadership Program ’23
Academic Coordinator, Institute for Social Transformation, Tangaza University College, Kenya

75. This program is a life-changing experience. Thank you for letting young people discover themselves, grow and use their power to make our world a better place.

Taras Malyshivskyi, Global Leadership Program ’23
Vasyl Stefanyk Precarpathian National University, Ukraine

76. The School of Management has been an unwavering pillar of support from bud to bloom, with constant assistance and encouragement, making my master’s journey an unforgettable chapter in my life that I hold very close to my heart.

Asmita Mukherjee, MS ’23

77. All the professors in the accounting department are amazing. Professor Nguyen has helped me in more ways than I can count. Without her encouragement I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Kasey Pacanowski, BS ’22, MS ’23
Incoming Staff Associate, Chiampou Travis Besaw & Kershner LLP   

78. My time in the MS Accounting program was a year of growth, as I was constantly pushing myself out of my comfort zone. Professor Hu helped me immensely throughout this year by providing words of encouragement and acting as a mentor while I navigated the recruiting process.

Kelsey Sullivan, MS ’23
Assurance Staff, EY 

79. The School of Management offered me the best possible real experience of contributing to solving the world’s problems and letting me believe that I am part of that solution.

Dorothy Takyiakwaa, Global Leadership Program ’23
Lecturer and Researcher, University of Cape Coast, Ghana 

80. The School of Management is a community where I can meet people with different backgrounds and mindsets but with the same goal.

Steven Wen, BS ’23

81. The School of Management has enabled me, a Buffalo transplant, to establish a strong professional network here in Western New York, in addition to helping me become a knowledgeable and effective business leader.

Greg Dionne, PMBA ’24 
Director, Digital Marketing, RX Global

82. The school’s Career Resource Center is an undiscovered gem. They provide a wealth of information that has assisted me with my job hunt, résumé and more.

Hetvi Tejaskumar Kharvasiya, BS ’24

83. The PMBA program has rekindled my passion for mathematical problem-solving. I hope to use my education to start a career in finance.

Stephen Johnson, PMBA ’25
Sales Administration, Ingram Micro 

84. The School of Management has laid the groundwork for me to go far beyond where I’d be able to anywhere else. The faculty, students and groups are wonderful and have been instrumental in my career development.

Joshua Lemke, BS ’25 

85. The School of Management has not only provided me with an education, but also has prepared me to enter the professional world.

Grace Conrad, BS ’23, JD/MBA ’27

Deans and faculty

86. It has been an incredibly rewarding life during 36 of the 100 years of the School of Management. It’s gratifying to see young men and women going through our programs and becoming so successful in diverse professions and contributing immensely to our world. For me personally, in addition to the numerous awards the students bestowed on me (including naming an annual bowl in my name and purchasing a brick with the inscription “We Love Ampadu”), I have made so many friends all over the world, not just with alumni, but with their families and have attended so many weddings and family gatherings. What an enjoyable career! Priceless!
Alex Ampadu, CPA
Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus (1986-2022)

87. I have the fondest memories of my years as School of Management dean: great students, dedicated faculty and staff, and the best senior team in the dean’s office. Gratefully, I offer this haiku:

There’s a stark contrast
Between the Buffalo cold
And SOM’s warmth.

Arjang Assad
Dean and Professor (2008-15)

88. As a part of the School of Management community, I have been fortunate to meet awesome people from every corner of the globe as well as from Western New York, such as the people of the Seneca Nation. The blend of cultures and perspectives opened all sorts of fascinating doors to inspiring my research on how to work peacefully with people who are different from me.

Kate Bezrukova
Associate Professor and Chair of Organization and Human Resources (2016-present)

89. I’ve had the honor of seeing the School of Management through multiple lenses: as a student, alumnus and faculty member. No matter my vantage point, this school has always embodied professionalism, dignity and compassion. It is with a sense of pride that I call myself an alum and faculty member of the School of Management.

Kevin Cleary, MBA ’05
Clinical Assistant Professor (2022-present)

90. For me, the School of Management has represented opportunity: first, as a graduate student, providing me the opportunity to develop the underlying knowledge base and skills necessary to become a CPA; and later, to return as a faculty member, allowing me the opportunity to contribute to the development of subsequent generations’ accounting and business professionals — a truly rewarding life.

Ann Burstein Cohen, MBA ’82, CPA
Clinical Associate Professor Emeritus (1986-2021)

91. I’m humbled and grateful for the opportunity to invest in the next generation as I serve on the faculty in our School of Management, coming full circle from my time years ago as a student and paying forward the mentorship and high-quality training I was blessed to have.

Rose Hu, BS/MBA ’09, CPA
Clinical Assistant Professor (2018-present)
Director, MS in Accounting Program (2021-present)

92. My 42 years on the faculty were an exciting and memorable time, with great growth in the size, programs and reputation of the School of Management, and with the opportunity to know and work with so many great students and faculty colleagues.

Ron Huefner, CPA
SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus (1968-2010)

93. 100 years! I marvel at the accomplishments of the School of Management community, past and present (students, alums, colleagues). I pinch myself every day that I get to work here and am incredibly excited for the start of the next 100 years, with all of the transformative changes currently taking place in research, practice and educational delivery.

Charles Lindsey
Associate Professor of Marketing (2006-present)

94. In 44 years at the school, what I remember most is not the two buildings that we occupied, or the five offices I had, or the dozen or more classrooms I taught in. I remember the people: perhaps 10,000 students, 400 or more staff, another 200-300 faculty, and a few hundred from other parts of the university. I count some as my closest friends yet today. I remember a number whose weddings I attended, and even a few whose funerals I attended. I remember the people.
Frank Krzystofiak
Associate Professor Emeritus (1977-2021)

95. I came to the School of Management in 1974 expecting to stay two years. Well, I so loved the school and students that I stayed for 40 years. Many students keep in touch, including one that I had Black Friday breakfast with at Denny’s for more than 30 years. Keep those cards and letters coming my friends!

Jerry Newman
SUNY Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus (1974-2013)
Interim Dean (2001-02)

96. In 1978, I arrived at the School of Management, having failed out of another local school. Thirty-five years later, with AAS, BS and MBA degrees and employment as a graduate assistant, administrator and faculty member, it’s impossible to imagine my life without UB.

A young vagabond name of Ray
Arrived at UB one fine day.
After 35 years
Through laughter and tears
He’s thankful y’all let him stay.

Ray Orrange, BS ’84, MBA ’86
Associate Professor Emeritus (1992-2013) 

97. It is not the buildings, the pedagogy or even the profs; the students are the infrastructure for academia.

G. Lawrence (Larry) Sanders
Professor (1983-present)

98. From my days as a nontraditional immigrant student to becoming a faculty member, the School of Management treated me as what I was supposed to be, and over 23 years has helped me become what I am capable of. My passion for promoting growth in my students and colleagues is because of my own journey of growth and the sense of community I found in this school. I am blessed to enjoy the work I do and be able to do the work I enjoy.

Dorothy M. Siaw-Asamoah, BS ’03, MBA ’05, PhD ’12
Clinical Associate Professor (2012-present) 
Faculty Director, Global Programs (2018-Present)
Director, Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness (2023-present)

99. Much like the Buffalo community it has called home for 100 years, the School of Management is a vibrant community of students, alumni, faculty, staff and partners finding unique and impactful ways to drive business knowledge and education forward.

Paul Tesluk
Donald S. Carmichael Professor of Organizational Behavior (2011-2016)
Dean (2015-2022)

100. Without question, the opportunity to participate in the growth and development of the school’s highly recognized international programs has been the highlight of my career. This experience has allowed me to collaborate closely with outstanding former deans such as Joe Alutto and Arjang Assad to create many new study-abroad opportunities for our students and develop wonderful, lasting friendships with scores of international alumni.

John M. Thomas
Professor (1972-present)
Interim Dean (1997-98), Dean Emeritus (2002-08)