Stacy Dean, EMBA ’15

Stacy Dean, EMBA ’15.

Stacy Dean, chief clinical officer at Neighborhood Health Center, is a 2015 graduate of the Executive MBA program, a 17-month, weekend program designed for high-potential leaders.


Why did you decide to pursue your MBA?

I wanted to advance my career in the health care industry, so I decided that pursuing my MBA would allow me to increase my management skill set with a solid educational foundation to complement my previous work experience.

Why did you select the UB Executive MBA program?

After researching a number of schools, it was clear that UB was the top choice for executive-level education. The EMBA program allowed me to pursue my degree with other professionals with the same level of experience in their fields.

What concerns did you have coming into the program?

One of my biggest concerns was returning to a college setting after being out for more than 10 years.

What tips do you have for maintaining work/life/school balance?

Time management and organization are key to balancing responsibilities during the program. You need to realize that not everything is a priority.

How did you create and use your support network?

I used every aspect of my support network — from enlisting work colleagues to help critique my papers to asking my family to keep the noise down in the house on the weekend while I studied.

How has your professional style changed as a result of this program?

I have grown both professionally and personally. I have gained confidence when making decisions, and my thought process is now well-defined instead of short and instinctive.

How has your awareness changed as a result of this program?

I have learned to take a moment to evaluate a situation and understand the variables before jumping in. Self-awareness has become key.

What would you say to those who are worried about finding “the right time” to pursue their MBA?

There is never an ideal time to pursue an advanced degree when you’re a working professional, but when you realize that you want to take that next step to advance your career and remain competitive, there is no looking back.

How has your career grown during and after the program?

I have transitioned from being a clinician and manager to overseeing a quality department. My role, responsibilities and thinking needed to change completely. The EMBA program provided me with the skills to make that transformation smoothly.

How did you apply something you learned in the EMBA program on the job?

Every individual has a unique way of performing in the workplace, with a distinct motivation and thought process. I never completely understood that until I completed the leadership portion of the program. I became familiar with what derails me and learned to adjust my interactions during a meeting or conversation based on the situation.