Advanced Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity

Gain the skills you need to solve complex challenges and help reduce vulnerabilities in the National Information Infrastructure. 

When you enroll in the MS in MIS Program, you may also concurrently earn an Advanced Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity, a collaborative program by the Department of Computer Science and Engineering in the UB School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, the UB School of Management, the Department of Mathematics in the UB College of Arts and Sciences, and the UB School of Law.  

  • Identify and apply the principles, methods and practices of cybersecurity in multiple domains, including operating systems, networks and software.
  • Identify and evaluate cybersecurity risks and develop and implement appropriate solutions for those risks.
  • Use penetration testing tools to identify potential weaknesses and use security hardening tools to address known weaknesses.
  • Effectively recognize and communicate potential ethical issues related to cybersecurity systems, solutions and technology to both technical and non-technical audiences.

Explore the Advanced Graduate Certificate in Cybersecurity and work with your academic advisor to register for the curriculum and achieve this Advanced Graduate Certificate.