University calendars are official for all School of Management full-time students.

The Office of the Registrar maintains Official Academic and Student Calendars that provide a month-by-month listing of critical academic and financial dates. Students should refer to the Academic Calendar for all dates relevant to semester start/end dates and holidays. Student calendars provide a month-by-month schedule of all academic and financial critical dates. Both calendars should be followed carefully for critical information. Official university dates are binding.

The School of Management maintains an event calendar that lists numerous school events for multiple audiences and normally provides an option to make a reservation for a given event.

The university also maintains a general university events calendar that may be of interest and includes a number of opportunities not listed on the School of Management calendar.

State university policy regarding student observence of religious holy days

“On those religious holy days when members of a faith typically observe the expectation of church or synagogue that they be absent from school or work, campuses will avoid the scheduling of such events as registration, the first day of classes, or student convocations and individual students will be excused from class without penalty if expressly requested.” (From SUNY Policy Manual, 1975, Section No. 091.3.)

UNIVERSITY AT BUFFALO PROCEDURE ADDS: “If such a requested absence results in a student's inability to fulfill an academic requirement of the course on that particular day, then instructors should provide an opportunity for the student to make up the requirement without penalty.”