The purpose of this handbook is to acquaint doctoral students with the rules, policies and procedures governing the PhD program at the School of Management. The Graduate School of the University at Buffalo grants the PhD degree and establishes minimum standards for all graduate students in the university. These standards are described in the Policy Library. Within these standards, individual academic units establish more detailed requirements and procedures for completion of their graduate programs. Academic questions which are not addressed in this handbook should be directed to your academic advisor. Policy questions can be directed to the Graduate Programs Office, 203 Alfiero Center, North Campus. Tel: 716-645-3204.

Overall policy for the PhD program is set by the PhD Program Committee, consisting of the chairman, a student representative, and six faculty members who serve as advisors for the various subject areas in the program. Incoming students should contact their respective advisors as early as possible to discuss their individual programs and course requirements. A permanent record is maintained by the Graduate Programs Office, 203 Alfiero.