PhD Core Requirements

Calculus prerequisite
A two-semester introductory calculus sequence covering topics in differential calculus, integral calculus, simple differential equations and basic matrix algebra is required.

Students are required to take:

  • MGG 700 - Introduction to Research Methods (should be taken during the first year)
  • Two statistics courses. Some statistics course options include:
    • Mathematical Probability
    • Mathematical Statistics
    • Econometrics
    • Statistical Inference II
    • Statistical Methods in Sociology
  • Two research methodology courses relevant to their major and approved by the advisor. These courses are usually offered by a department outside the school except for Econometric Methods and Managerial Applications I and II. Some research methods course options include:
    • Mathematics for Economists 
    • Applied Stochastic Processes
    • Marketing Research 
    • Research Methods in Sociology  
    • Education and Psychological Seminar  
    • Research Methods in Social Psychology 
    • Methods of Field Research in Social Psychology