Qualifying Examinations (Comprehensive Exams)

Doctoral candidates must take a written qualifying examination in their major field within three years of entry into the program. Also known as a comprehensive examination, the exam is in the major area and may be taken before completing all courses in the minor. Examinations in minor areas are determined by the policy in that area. All examinations must be completed successfully before the student applies for "Application to Candidacy." Normally, these examinations are taken immediately after completing coursework.

Arrangements for taking an examination will be made through the appropriate PhD advisor by the student. If an examination is failed, it may be retaken. Only in unusual cases, and upon written petition to the PhD Program Committee of the School of Management, may the examination be taken more than twice. If such approval is not granted, the student will be terminated from the program. These examinations will be under the control of the department involved. Upon successful completion of each comprehensive exam, the department will notify the Graduate Programs Office, with a copy to the student.