Accounting Department Mission

The mission of the Department of Accounting and Law is to advance the accounting discipline and profession through scholarly research, educational programs, and professional and community service.

Shared Values

  • Excellence in scholarly research is vital for the advancement of the profession.
  • Academic programs must provide students with solid preparation for lifelong careers.
  • Our success depends on continuous improvement in all aspects of departmental activities.
  • The department's decision processes will be transparent, reflecting the input of all stakeholders.
  • We are committed to the highest ethical values and behavior, and to the maintenance of an environment of mutual respect.
  • We are committed to cultural, gender and racial diversity among faculty and students.


  • Recruitment and support of a faculty mix that can achieve the research, teaching, professional and service activities described in our mission
  • Encouragement of collaborative research among faculty and the development of a critical mass of faculty with similar research interests
  • Continuous assessment and improvement in all academic programs, reflecting changes in the profession
  • An organizational structure that supports and rewards performance that advances the department's mission and goals
  • Recruitment of a diverse mix of quality students
  • Nurture mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders, including alumni and professionals, to increase our contribution to stakeholders and to work with them to support our research and educational programs. 

Strategies: Supporting Scholarship

  • Regular research workshops as a forum for discussion of ongoing research
  • Active support and mentoring of faculty and doctoral students' research agendas and activities
  • Promote a collegial and supportive environment that respects individuals and their points of view
  • Priority departmental support for research activities, professional development and other professional interactions enabling faculty to achieve their full potential and maximize their contributions to the department, its stakeholders and the profession

Strategies: Supporting Professional Programs

  • Delivery of a rigorous curriculum focused on the professional development of undergraduate and master's students
  • Regular and effective interaction with stakeholders to support programs, curricula innovations and student recruitment
  • Development of new courses and coursework within existing courses to reflect the changing demands of the accounting profession
  • Support for networking professional activities
  • Direct interaction with the Career Resource Center

Goals for Specific Programs

Undergraduate and Master's Programs in Accounting

Provide undergraduate and master's students with the skills necessary for successful careers as leaders in the accounting profession. Our programs will train students in the conceptual and technical accounting skills and communication and interpersonal skills necessary for success in the profession, and provide students with the ability to recognize ethical problems and resolve them in a way that meets the ethical standards of the profession. Students will understand how the results of scholarly research impact the profession. They will become familiar with the accounting profession and its role in global markets.

PhD in Accounting

Train PhD students for successful careers as accounting faculty members at research-oriented academic institutions. The program will develop the skills necessary to do original accounting and relevant scholarly research, publishable in high quality journals, and to engage in effective teaching.