Recruiting Strategies

Follow these top-four strategies for recruiting interns. As always, feel free to contact our office for assistance.

1. Build an effective description

Solidify your understanding of internships and prepare your organization for an intern well before recruiting. Companies that develop well-constructed internships have better success with recruitment and retention. You can make or break your reputation as an internship employer based on your efforts. Review sample internship descriptions and consult our Internship Description Guide for help writing your own. Visit our FAQ's page for answers to questions asked frequently by employers.

2. Use BizLink

Our online recruiting system, BizLink, allows you to post internship and job opportunities exclusively to School of Management students. See our BizLink for Employers page for more information.

3. Follow our recruiting calendar

Students operate primarily on an academic semester calendar and may not always be available "as needed". Align your efforts to these dates for greater success.

Post June – August 

Post September – December

Post January – April*
*Internships posted after April may not produce desired results.

Summer Internship Recruitment
Stay on trend with top employers who are recruiting for summer interns as early as the fall semester. Employers seeking MBA students especially should adhere to our recruitment timeline. Make room in your budget for summer interns at 40 hours per week.

On-Campus or Virtual Recruiting
Consider conducting your interviews inside the Career Resource Center. Contact us at to make arrangements that meet your needs. Our on-campus recruitment calendar is as follows:

Fall (for spring and summer internships): October 1 through mid-November
Spring (for summer internships): March 1 through mid-April

4. Connect with students

Students are more likely to respond when you have taken steps to build your brand awareness. Contact us at or 716-645-3232 for more information.

Virtual and on-campus involvement

  • Present your brand through direct involvement with our students. Schedule your participation in panel presentations, class presentations, Coffee Cup Conversations, MBA Advantage, networking, career fairs and more. 

Student clubs and organizations

  • Contact our student clubs to identify speaking engagements or other opportunities to connect.