A Message from the Dean

Greetings from the School of Management.

One of our goals for the School of Management is to make a positive impact on business and society. To do so, we need to be part of today’s relevant conversations, but that can be a challenge when our country is at what may be one of its most divided periods in history. Every week, it seems there are more things pulling us apart than bringing us together. And while conflict can be constructive when it’s about ideas and points of view, it becomes negative when it is personal and pits people against one another to question their character or motives. That’s where inclusive leadership comes in, and that was the topic of a pop-up event sponsored by our Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness in October. Debate is healthy, but above all, it’s important to have mutual respect for different ideas.

Another way to make a positive impact on business and society is to take a hard look at today’s most pressing issues and explore how we as a leading business school can prepare tomorrow’s leaders to address them. Our cover story on the #MeToo movement does just that, and you’ll find words of wisdom from faculty and alumni about how we need to change the culture of organizations and create a new paradigm for equality and inclusiveness.

Throughout the rest of this issue, you’ll see examples of how we are making progress toward this goal. From our new Bachelor of Science in Information Technology and Management to Girl Tech Day to research on the disparity in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, you will see evidence of the school’s impact.

Our students and alumni are leading by example, as well, with their contributions to business and society—from Matey Erdos in her role as CEO of Sundance to Nathalie Taureau trailblazing on the Vegas Strip and our Women in Management student organization preparing women and men to lead equitably.

As dean of the School of Management, I am proud of the impact of our alumni, students, faculty and staff, and we will continue to tackle the challenges before us to make this world a better place.

Best regards,

Paul Tesluk