Dress to impress

Matthew Taboni carries a suit into the new Hired clothes closet.

Photo: Meredith Forrest Kulwicki

Thanks to UB Sustainability, students can now “shop” for professional attire for interviews or career fairs—all at no cost.

Located on the North Campus, the Hired closet is equipped with a dressing room and racks of clothing, shoes and accessories to help students dress the part in professional settings. Students can take home the equivalent of one complete outfit to keep per semester, depending on availability.

“Obtaining professional attire can pose a significant financial hurdle for young people,” says Erin Moscati, sustainability education manager at UB. “Hired will help ensure that all UB students have access to clothing to make a good first impression.”

Donations of professional attire are welcome. Clothes should be purchased within the past decade, in excellent condition and laundered. Bags and accessories, along with unopened beauty and hygiene products, are also accepted. To donate, contact 716-829-5743 or emoscati@buffalo.edu.

“We will always be looking for donations,” says UB Sustainability graduate assistant Matthew Taboni, BS ’21, JD/MBA ’25 (pictured above). “Fashion is constantly changing, and we want the closet to be able to adapt and grow with the trends.”