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The best managers and executives are also great mentors, developing and nurturing talent.

The Team Mentor program is a unique opportunity for first-year students to work with someone who has experienced the same challenges and can provide you with guidance and opportunities to make the most of your UB MBA experience.

Get a Mentor

One of your most valuable resources in the UB MBA program is the experience of your peers. In the Team Mentor program, your mentor is a second-ear MBA who has just successfully completed all the courses, teamwork and MBA activities you are about to experience. Your mentor offers support, encouragement, feedback and inspiration, and guides you and your team with practical advice that facilitates your transition through the first year of the MBA program.

You will engage in a series of team development activities, receive one-on-one and team coaching from your mentor, give and receive peer feedback at various points in multiple core courses, and form action plans for continuous improvement of you as an individual and the team as a unit.

Become a Mentor

Team mentoring is a 3-credit elective course offered to a select group of full-time MBA students in the fall semester of their second year. If you're chosen to participate, you'll become a mentor/facilitator to a first-semester MBA student team.

You'll gain practical experience in observing internal team processes and coaching others. In addition, through readings, presentations, discussions and activities, you'll enhance your coaching, management and leadership skills.

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