Data Analytics Track

Student standing in front of a data analytics presentation.

Combine accounting and data analysis skills to gain professional credibility and earn a seat at the table as a trusted provider of management information.

Professionals with the skills to transform data into actionable intelligence to drive business decisions are in high demand. Organizations need accountants with the skills to assess threats and opportunities, take advantage of technological innovations and meet the expectations of regulators and investors.

The accounting data analytics track provides foundational knowledge for all three aspects of data analytics: descriptive analysis ("what is"); predictive analysis ("what will be"); and prescriptive analysis ("what should we do?").

  • Develop critical thinking, information technology and communication skills necessary to become a leader in the next frontier of data analytics
  • Be prepared to meet the demand of firms that have expressed strong interest in hiring accounting data technologists to work with the auditing, tax and advisory teams
  • Use evidence-based approaches combined with advanced technology to predict, formulate and achieve outcomes
  • Examine and evaluate big data to find hidden patterns, identify unknown correlations and glean useful, actionable insights to enhance risk assessment and facilitate better decision making
  • Analyze data to uncover internal control weaknesses and inaccurate financial reports, adding value to your company or client


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