Financial Accounting and Assurance Track

Alec Schon, BS ’15, MS ’16

Gain an in-depth understanding of the techniques and computations required to prepare and analyze financial information. 

Develop the analytical and logical skills to assure that financial statements are truthful and accurate, verify that internal controls and procedures are in place, and artfully ask the question, "Why?"

  • Sharpen your critical-thinking skills as you learn to systematically evaluate financial reports and data
  • Integrate and apply knowledge of related disciplines such as finance, criminology, psychology, law and computer science to develop investigative skills
  • Understand valuation concepts and how accounting information is utilized as inputs in mergers and acquisitions, fair value estimations, stock-option compensation and impairment reviews
  • Study the institutional structure of global capital markets, international reporting standards and financial reporting practices worldwide

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I thoroughly enjoyed the material and received incredible support from the accounting faculty. Every professor I had in the program is committed to providing opportunities for each student to succeed.

Alec Shon, BS '15, MS '16

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