Gain a broad foundation of knowledge essential for a variety of positions in business, industry and government, and become even more specialized by selecting a concentration below.

Academic Requirements

Students must maintain a 2.500 major GPA, 2.000 UB GPA, 2.000 overall GPA to gain admission or remain in good standing for continuation in the major.


Students should plan concentration courses so that they are spaced out over two or more semesters, typically in the three (junior) and fourth (senior) year.

General Management

The School of Management offers formal concentrations, which are sequences of courses available to students interested in specific management areas. It is not a requirement to follow a concentration, but all students must complete at least three upper-level management electives (for general management). These electives must be outside of the core management requirements. A 3-credit-hour internship (approved through the IEL Program) does count as one management elective if you do not pursue a concentration.