Honors Program Curriculum

The undergraduate honors program curriculum includes 12 credit hours of instruction over three semesters.

Leadership Development Sequence

Your honors coursework begins and ends with leadership development courses.

First, you will take MGB 359 "Leadership Development I, Part 1," the first in a 3-course sequence, in the spring semester of your junior year. This 1-credit course is modeled after our highly successful LeaderCOREā„¢ certification offered to full-time MBA students. You will be assessed on key leadership competencies and introduced to the processes that strengthen those competencies. One strategic deliverable of MGB 359 is a developmental plan you will pursue in subsequent semesters.

In the fall of your senior year, you will enroll in MGB 360 "Leadership Development I, Part 2," a 1-credit course where you will extend the development plan into a professional portfolio.

Finally, in the spring of your senior year, you will end the leadership development course series with a debrief on your developmental plan when you take "MGB 361 Leadership Development II" for one credit.

Flex Credit

You also will complete six credit hours of flex credit, generally during the summer before your senior year, the fall semester of your senior year or the following winter session. Flex credit must be approved by the honors program faculty director and can be fulfilled by completing six credits of the following:

  • An honors supplemental course option with a faculty member teaching an existing undergraduate management class. You will complete additional honors coursework for that course during the semester. University Honors College students can use the honors contract for this purpose.
  • A credit-bearing internship in the School of Management.
  • Credit earned toward graduation on a study abroad trip. Study abroad trips, in particular, raise the possibility of completing flex credit outside of the fall semester of senior year, during summer or winter sessions.
  • Credit-bearing undergraduate research activity, including the University Honors College thesis for those enrolled in the University Honors College.
  • Select graduate courses.

Senior Year Capstone Section

In your final semester of the honors program, you will participate in a designated honors section of MGO 403 "Fundamentals of Strategic Management," the 3-credit undergraduate capstone course.


Junior Year - Spring Semester

  • MGB 359 "Leadership Development I, Part 1" (1 credits)

Generally Senior Year - Summer, Fall or Winter Semester

  • Flex Credit (6 credits)

Senior Year - Fall Semester

  • MGB 360 "Leadership Development I, Part 2" (1 credit)

Senior Year - Spring Semester

  • MGB 361 "Leadership Development II" (1 credit)
  • MGO 403 "Fundamentals of Strategic Management" (must take the Honors section (HON) in spring of senior year)