The Accounting and Law Department annually welcomes notable members of the accounting community to its workshop series, in which academic researchers discuss current issues and trends in their fields. These sessions serve as exceptional opportunities for faculty and students to engage in intellectual discourse and new learning.

Spring 2019

  • January 23 - Joshua Khavis, Temple University
    Analyst Learning through Online Feedback
  • January 25 - Terri (Tian) Xu, University of Florida
    Auditor-Provided Tax Services and Tax Outcomes
  • January 30 - Chenqi Zhu, New York University
    Investor Demand for Contextual Information:  Evidence from Wikipedia
  • February 1 - Mehmet Kara, Texas A&M University
    How do Managers Balance Multiple Incentives?  An Examination of Pre-tax and After-tax Targets
  • February 4 - Elizabeth Demers, University of Lausanne
    Corporate Communications Credibility and the Pricing of Textual Sentiment:  Evidence from Quarterly Earnings Announcements
  • February 6 - Hunter Land, University of Rochester
    Late Filings, Restatements and Limited Attention
  • February 8 - Zhongwen Fan, University of Texas at Dallas
    Shareholder Value Implication of Blockchain Recordkeeping of Stock Ownership
  • February 11 - Kathryn Brightbill, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    Do Analyst Teams Issue Higher Quality Forecasts?  Evidence from Analyst Reports
  • March 8 - Ningzhong Li, University of Texas at Dallas
    Silence is Golden:  Political Connection and Corporate Disclosure of Government Subsidies

Fall 2018

  • September 21 - Rachel Hayes, University of Utah
    How Entrepreneurs Mitigate the Investor’s Adverse Selection Problem:  New Evidence from Private Firm Sales
  • November 2 - Mikhail Pevzner, University of Baltimore
    Terrorist Attacks and Management Earnings Forecasts
  • November 9 - Susan Shu, Boston College
    The Threat of Media Coverage and Corporate Labor Investment Decisions