Personal Finance: Self Control and Setting Goals

Sudhir Suchak.

Sudhir Suchak, Clinical Assistant Professor of Finance

Consider two scenarios:

  • While you may pay all your bills on time, you just can’t seem to save very much money.
  • Your contributions into the 401k retirement plan at work are being invested in mutual funds. However, you’re not quite sure what to look for when you monitor the mutual fund’s performance.

These are very common themes which require self-control and setting goals to save and invest, and becoming familiar with your investment performance.

In this webinar, Sudhir Suchak, clinical assistant professor of finance in the UB School of Management, will expand upon these themes. With more than 30 years’ experience in banking, Suchak has developed executive education programs and conducted professional seminars in the application of financial and credit tools in several countries. He has provided consulting and training to community banks on commercial credit and risk management, and presented lectures on investments and personal financial management.