Faculty and Staff Directory

Full mailing addresses for faculty are available on their Web pages.

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Adamski, Denisedenisead@buffalo.edu134 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3210
Amo, Lauralccasey@buffalo.edu246 Jacobs Management Center716-645-5346
Ampadu, Alexampadu@buffalo.edu340 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3265
Anderson, Mollymollya@buffalo.edu77 Goodell Street, Suite 201716-645-2235
Anderson, Murielmanderso@buffalo.edu270 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3896
Anthony, Aprilaprilant@buffalo.edu203 Alfiero Center716-645-3200
Appelbaum, Gwengsa@buffalo.edu308 Alfiero Center716-645-3232


Balkundi, Prasadbalkundi@buffalo.edu276 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3250
Balzer, Nicolenlbalzer@buffalo.edu232 Jacobs Management Center716-645-2500
Battaglia, Nickntbattag@buffalo.edu137 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3210
Becker, Brianbbecker@buffalo.edu280A Jacobs Management Center716-645-3235
Bezrukova, Kateybezruko@buffalo.edu274 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3214
Biddle, Matthewmrbiddle@buffalo.edu108 Jacobs Management Center716-645-5455
Bragdon, Meganmbragdon@buffalo.edu204 Alfiero Center716-645-3206
Braun, Juliajuliab@buffalo.edu203 Alfiero Center716-645-3200
Braunscheidel, Michaelmjb33@buffalo.edu326D Jacobs Management Center716-645-3251


Name Email Office Telephone
Chung, Kee keechung@buffalo.edu 360 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3262
Ciccia, Frank ciccia@buffalo.edu 150 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3200
Cichocki, Dianna diannaci@buffalo.edu
242 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-1542
Cohen, Ann abc@buffalo.edu 348 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3269
Colucci, Eugene ecolucci@buffalo.edu 135 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3210
Costello, Dave dcostell@buffalo.edu 131 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3210


Name Email Office Telephone
Dambra, Michael mjdambra@buffalo.edu 354 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3237
Davis, Candida cldavis5@buffalo.edu 204 Alfiero Center 716-645-3206
Demarco, Jacqueline jkjacobs@buffalo.edu 160 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3221
DeSimone, Anthony amd6@buffalo.edu 77 Goodell Street 716-885-5715
Dick, Alan mgtdick@buffalo.edu 215H Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3208
Dittmar, Diane ddittmar@buffalo.edu 265 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-4444
Donoghue, Rebecca ray1@buffalo.edu 160 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3222
Donovan, Derek dmd29@buffalo.edu 108 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3224
Drass, Karen kdrass@buffalo.edu 325 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3245
Dutta, Haimonti haimonti@buffalo.edu 325P Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3259
Dutta, Supradeep supradee@buffalo.edu 341 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-5237


Name Email Office Telephone
Ehrlich, Isaac mgtehrl@buffalo.edu 375A Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3287
Everest, Nicholas neverest@buffalo.edu 280 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3280


Falgiano, Melissamf56@buffalo.edu203 Alfiero Center716-645-3200
Falzarano, Jaimiejtaylor3@buffalo.edu243 Jacobs Management Center716-645-7851
Farley, Jessicajfarley2@buffalo.edu204 Alfiero Center716-645-3206
Fenski, Hailleyhailleym@buffalo.edu108 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3224
Foster, Howardhfoster@buffalo.edu273 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3280
Fotak, Veljkoveljkofo@buffalo.edu236 Jacobs Management Center716-645-1541
Fox, Katiekla9@buffalo.edu150 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3204


Name Email Office Telephone
Gaia, Joana joanaalu@buffalo.edu 287 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3213
Gardner, Carrie cg53@buffalo.edu 308 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3232
Gearhart, Emily emilygea@buffalo.edu B20 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-9200
Ghosen, Jacqueline ghosen@buffalo.edu 108 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-2833
Gilbert, Jason jdgilber@buffalo.edu 204 Alfiero Center 716-645-3206
Glick, Philip glicklab@buffalo.edu 100 High Street 716-645-3204
Grijalva, Emily ejgrijal@buffalo.edu 260 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-5245
Goswami, Indranil goswami4@buffalo.edu 215D Jacobs Management Center 716-645-5232
Grossman, Debora dmg33@buffalo.edu 215C Jacobs Management Center 716-645-5208
Gu, Feng fgu@buffalo.edu 370 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3273
Gunn, Sanford gunn@buffalo.edu 375 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3290


Name Email Office Telephone
Hall, Cheryl
378 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-5297
Hanel, Constance cchanel@buffalo.edu B20 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-9200
Hartman, Kevin kjhartma@buffalo.edu 161 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3207
Hayden, William wmhayden@buffalo.edu
245 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3508
Hayes-Montesano, Ann annhayes@buffalo.edu 308 Alfiero Center 716-645-3232
Herdzik, Maggie mmherdzi@buffalo.edu 204 Alfiero Center 716-645-3206
Hibschweiler, Arlene ah33@buffalo.edu 362 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3911
Huefner, Ronald rhuefner@buffalo.edu 375 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3290
Hu, Rose rmhu@buffalo.edu 356 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-6526
Huh, Sahn-Wook swhuh@buffalo.edu 335B Jacobs Management Center 716-645-5435
Hunter, Nicole nlhunter@buffalo.edu 247 Jacobs Management Centr 716-645-3268


Illenz, Jilljmp8@buffalo.edu203 Alfiero Center716-645-3200


Janik, Caitlincaitlinj@buffalo.edu203 Alfiero Center716-645-3200
Jarnot, Marinamjarnot@buffalo.edu129 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3210
Jiang, Feng (Jack)fjiang6@buffalo.edu344 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3225
Johnson, Amyaj53@buffalo.edu308 Alfiero Center716-645-3232


Katerinsky, Alan
287 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3248
Kaye, Taratarakaye@buffalo.edu150 Jacobs Management Center
Keidel, Malindamestulba@buffalo.edu150 Jacobs Management Center
Khavis, Joshuajakhavis@buffalo.edu346 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3274
Kim, Kennethkk52@buffalo.edu326 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3500
Kim, Myungsunmk88@buffalo.edu372 Jacobs Management Center716-645-7900
Korte, Melissamkorte@buffalo.edu117 Jacobs Management Center716-645-8186
Krakowiak, Pamelapjk2@buffalo.edu308 Alfiero Center716-645-3232
Kraude, Richardrlkraude@buffalo.edu325N Jacobs Management Center716-645-5482
Kross, Williamwkross@buffalo.edu350 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3197
Krzystofiak, Frankfk@buffalo.edu271 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3230


Email Office Telephone
Labella, Jessica jlabella@buffalo.edu 160 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3222
LaDelfa, Bobby Jo bladelfa@buffalo.edu 160 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3222
Lakshmanan, Arun alakshma@buffalo.edu 215F Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3216
Langston, Sara
203 Alfiero Center 716-645-3200
Lemoine, G. James jlemoine@buffalo.edu 258 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3236
Lin, Winston mgtfewtl@buffalo.edu 325A Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3257
Lindsey, Charles clindsey@buffalo.edu 215E Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3359
Lowe, Debra dlowe@buffalo.edu 116 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-8194


Manne, Kevinkjmanne@buffalo.edu108 Jacobs Management Center716-645-5238
Marriner, Deidredmarrine@buffalo.edu204 Alfiero Center716-645-3206
Marti, Robinrpmarti@buffalo.edu
117 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3303
Martin, Kristinaklmogens@buffalo.edu308 Alfiero Center716-645-3232
Mathis, Craigcmathis2@buffalo.edu204 Alfiero Center716-645-3206
Maynes, Timothytdmaynes@buffalo.edu280B Jacobs Management Center716-645-3255
McNulty, Caitlinmcnultyc@buffalo.edu108 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3224
McQuade, MaryAnnmmcquade@buffalo.edu204 Alfiero Center716-645-3206
Metzger, Lorriemetzgerl@buffalo.edu332 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3898
Miller, Jessejessemil@buffalo.edu
369 Jacobs Management Center716-645-5481
Moody, Catherinecamoody@buffalo.edu77 Goodell Street716-885-5715
Mruk, Cindy
cd35@buffalo.edu203 Alfiero Center716-645-3200
Mulgund, Pavankumarpmulgund@buffalo.edu333 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3271
Murray, Daviddjmurray@buffalo.edu284 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3249
Murdock, Thomas
326B Jacobs Management Center
Musone, Jenniferjlmusone@buffalo.edu203 Alfiero Center716-645-3200
Myers, Jeannejeannemy@buffalo.edu232 Jacobs Management Center716-645-5220


Nesper, Kathleenksnesper@buffalo.edu338 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3284
Neubert, Robertraneuber@buffalo.edu352 Jacobs Management Center716-645-5239
Newman, Jerryjmnewman@buffalo.edu273 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3238
Nguyen, Phuong (Cassie)
348 Jacobs Management Center


O'Brien, Erinekobrien@buffalo.edu150 Jacobs Management Center
O'Donnell, Kathyodonnel@buffalo.edu375 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3290
O’Mally, Aishaaishaoma@buffalo.edu259 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3831
Ott, Rebeccarebeccao@buffalo.edu
150 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3204


Name Email Office Telephone
Paolini, Michael mpaolini@buffalo.edu 308 Alfiero Center 716-645-3232
Pegels, Carl cpegels@buffalo.edu 325P Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3245
Perry, Philip phperry@buffalo.edu 240 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3264
Piscitelli, Jeff jjpiscit@buffalo.edu 117 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3303
Ptak, Scott stptak@buffalo.edu 326K Jacobs Management Center 716-645-5241
Pustelnik, Chuck cepustel@buffalo.edu 132 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3210


Name Email
Office Telephone
Ramesh, Ram rramesh@buffalo.edu 325D Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3258
Ranney, Beth baranney@buffalo.edu 117 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3303
Roesch, Dominik drosch@buffalo.edu 244 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-9095
Rogers, Mary Ann marogers@buffalo.edu 272 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-5246
Rosario, Hayley harosari@buffalo.edu 204 Alfiero Center 716-645-3206
Rozeff, Michael msroz@buffalo.edu 347 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3293
Ruggiero, Melissa mrugg@buffalo.edu 308 Alfiero Center 716-645-3232
Rusek, Katie ktb6@buffalo.edu 308 Alfiero Center 716-645-3232
Rush, Caitlin ccrush@buffalo.edu 308 Alfiero Center 716-645-3232


Salem, Chriscsalem@buffalo.edu308 Alfiero Center716-645-3232
Salzman, Marthamsalzman@buffalo.edu364 Jacobs Management Center716-645-7856
Sanders, Lawrencemgtsand@buffalo.edu325G Jacobs Management Center716-645-2373
Schwartzkopf, Jayjjs3@buffalo.edu231 Jacobs Management Center716-645-7709
Sellitto, Dominic
325E Jacobs Management Center
Sharman, Rajrsharman@buffalo.edu325F Jacobs Management Center716-645-2081
Shaw, Aaronawshaw@buffalo.edu150 Jacobs Management Center
Shoen, Carson
128 Jacobs Management Center
Shore, Cynthiacshore@buffalo.edu108 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3224
Siaw-Asamoah, Dorothydasamoah@buffalo.edu250 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3234
Simpson, Nataliensimpson@buffalo.edu326F Jacobs Management Center716-645-2443
Smith, Samanthascalabre@buffalo.edu204 Alfiero Center716-645-3206
Smith, Sanjukta Dassdsmith4@buffalo.edu325C Jacobs Management Center716-645-3254
Southwick, Lawrencels5@buffalo.edu347 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3293
Star, Haroldhstar@buffalo.edu326A Jacobs Management Center716-645-6287
Steinberg, Richardrsteinbe@buffalo.edu245 Jacobs Management Center716-645-5243
Suchak, Sudhirsuchak@buffalo.edu235 Jacobs Management Center716-645-1781
Suk, Inhoinhosuk@buffalo.edu342 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3215
Sullivan, Lorilorisull@buffalo.edu77 Goodell Street716-885-5715
Suresh, Nallanncsuresh@buffalo.edu351 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3279
Swanson, Andrewars43@buffalo.edu308 Alfiero Center716-645-3232
Szafran, Dickrszafran@buffalo.eduB23 Jacobs Management Center716-645-8193
Szerwo, Brandon
bszerwo@buffalo.edu366 Jacobs Management Center716-645-5483


Name Email Office Telephone
Talukdar, Debabrata (Debu) dtalukda@buffalo.edu 234B Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3243
Tarrant, Ian
iantarra@buffalo.edu 368 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3263
Tesluk, Paul ptesluk@buffalo.edu 160 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3221
Thomas, John jmthomas@buffalo.edu 248 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3217
Tiu, Cristian-Ioan ctiu@buffalo.edu 238 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3299
Tomaszewski, Jackie jmt9@buffalo.edu 339 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-2500
Tu, Min-Hsuan minhsuan@buffalo.edu 266 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-8968
Tubisz, Cheryl tubisz@buffalo.edu 280 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3280
Tussing, Danielle dtussing@buffalo.edu 268 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3260


Name Email Office Telephone
Ulbrich, Thomas tulbrich@buffalo.edu 77 Goodell Street 716-885-5715


Name Email Office Telephone
Vedantam, Aditya adityave@buffalo.edu 326G Jacobs Management Center 716-645-5234
Vogelsang, Gregory cvogelsa@buffalo.edu 117 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-8972
Vukadin, Loreta lgenco@buffalo.edu 204 Alfiero Center 716-645-3206


Walsh, Courtneycjwalsh@buffalo.edu336 Jacobs Management Center716-645-2500
Wang, Charlescxwang@buffalo.edu326M Jacobs Management Center716-645-3412
Wei, Mingchengmcwei@buffalo.edu326 Jacobs Management Center716-645-5299
Wood, Meghanmpwood@buffalo.edu150 Jacobs Management Center
Wu, Chunchichunchiw@buffalo.edu335A Jacobs Management Center716-645-0448
Wu, Szu-Yinszuyinwu@buffalo.edu349 Jacobs Management Center716-645-3276


Name Email Office Telephone
Xu, Weihong wxu4@buffalo.edu
358 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-5434


Name Email Office Telephone
Yoon, Sunyee sunyee@buffalo.edu 215G Jacobs Management Center 716-645-5247


Name Email Office Telephone
Zaenglein, Carrie cjz2@buffalo.edu 347 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3293
Zeftel, Nicole ndzeftel@buffalo.edu 263 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-5481
Zenosky, Cindy cjzenosk@buffalo.edu 108 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3224
Zglinicki, Michelle shelly@buffalo.edu 118 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-8187
Zielinski, Larry ljzielin@buffalo.edu 277 Jacobs Management Center 716-645-2305
Zionts, Stanley szionts@buffalo.edu 325P Jacobs Management Center 716-645-3245

School Mailing Lists

To send a message to one of the lists above, you must be a member of that list. If you are not a member of the list and wish to send a message, contact the IT Department at mgt-it@buffalo.edu.