Feng Gu

Chair, Professor
Accounting and Law


PhD, Washington University
MA, Washington University
BA, Beijing University, China


  • Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Management Accounting
  • Advanced Topics in Management Accounting and Control


Gu's research interests include measurement and valuation of intellectual capital (intangible assets), corporate management and reporting of investments in intangibles, and firms' voluntary disclosure of financial and non-financial information. He has published work on these topics in referred academic journals. His recent research results on the usefulness of knowledge-based measures were quoted in Fortune (April 16, 2001), Business Week (June 18, 2001; December/January, 2005/2006), and Harvard Business Review (June, 2004).

Awards and Recognition

  • Best Paper Award at the 2005 JAAF/KPMG Foundation Conference
  • Beta Gamma Sigma

Selected Publications

Click links below for PDF documents.

“Time to Change Your Investment Model” with B. Lev, Financial Analysts Journal, 2017, forthcoming

The End of Accounting and the Path Forward for Investors and Managers, with B. Lev, Wiley | Wiley Finance Series (ISBN 978-1-119-19109-4) (translated into Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean), 2016

“Accounting is Failing Investors” with B. Lev, The Wall Street Journal, June 20 (C1), 2016

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“Insider Trading and Corporate Information Transparency” with J. Li, The Financial Review, 2012 (Vol. 47, No. 4, November): 645–664

“Intangible Assets: Measurement, Drivers, and Usefulness” with B. Lev, in Managing Knowledge Assets and Business Value Creation in Organizations: Measures and Dynamics, IGI Global, USA & UK, 2011

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