Senior Leadership Team

Ananth Iyer
Dean and Professor

Brian Becker
Senior Associate Dean
Professor of Organization and Human Resources

BobbyJo LaDelfa
Associate Dean, Academic Programs

Gwen Appelbaum
Assistant Dean and Director, Career Resource Center

David Costello
Assistant Dean and Director, Information Technology and Facilities

Diane Dittmar
Assistant Dean, Academic Integrity and Student Success

Jacqueline Molik Ghosen
Assistant Dean and Director, Communications

Debra Lowe
Interim Assistant Dean and Unit Business Officer

Erin K. O’Brien
Assistant Dean, Chief Enrollment and Marketing Officer

Jeffrey J. Piscitelli
Executive Director of Advancement

Mary Ann Rogers
Assistant Dean, Diversity and Inclusion
Clinical Associate Professor of Organization and Human Resources

Cynthia M. Shore
Senior Assistant Dean, Alumni Engagement and External Relations

Courtney Walsh
Assistant Dean, Professional and Executive Development