Enhancing Performance Through Coaching

Marsha King.

Marsha King, PhD, Adjunct Instructor

Bring out the best in the people around you.

Coaching is a skill or process that is used to enhance the performance of someone. Whether you are a professional leadership coach who works with multiple clients or you work for an organization and manage people, coaching skills have become more critical to success than ever before. This session will walk through the key skills that make a great coach. These are the skills that enable leaders to bring out the very best in those around them. These include:

  • Creating ownership of problems and solutions
  • Understanding people and situations for deeper insight
  • Generating greater self-awareness
  • Providing clarity and transparency

In this webinar, examples, stories and tools are used to teach these concepts in a way that can immediately be used to enhance your work.

Marsha King, PhD, adjunct instructor in the UB School of Management, teaches the Leadership Coaching Certification in the school's Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness (CLOE). She has also been on the faculty at Northwestern University (Kellogg), Georgetown University, Penn State University and George Washington University, where she teaches leadership and coaching related courses. She has also authored several books and articles on leadership development.