Finance in Crisis

Cristian Tiu, Chair and Associate Professor of Finance

The big and the small picture.

Learn about financial crises in general, and focus on the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of financial markets. Understand how crises on affect the performance of investment managers, personal finances and higher education. 

Cristian Tiu is chair and associate professor of finance in the UB School of Management. His research interests includes the determinants of performance for non-standard institutional investors such as university endowment funds and hedge funds. He has been published in such outlets as the Review of Financial Studies, Mathematical Finance and the Journal of Investment Management and has presented his work at such venues as the American Finance Association and Western Finance Association meetings, and at practitioner events such as the Global ARC.

Tiu is a member of the Investment Committee of the University at Buffalo Foundation, an $800+ million university endowment, and an academic adviser to GersteinFisher, a People’s Bank investment company.  He is an expert in endowment management, including aspects related to governance, compensation, integration with the university as well as investments, and has consulted for a variety of dedicated organizations such as UTIMCO, Perella Weinberg or TIAA.

He is a member of the American Finance Association, the Western Finance Association, the Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges and is a TIAA Institute Fellow.