Inspired Corporate Innovation

Bob Neubert, Director of Entrepreneurship Academic Programs and Clinical Professor of Operations Management and Strategy

Innovation can be what ensures business success

Corporate innovation programs aim to create new business opportunities and ensure a company’s longevity. In this webinar, you’ll learn why corporate innovation is important to sustaining your business, how to create an effective corporate innovation portfolio model and the challenges of leading an ambidextrous organization. We share methods used by successful corporate innovation programs and tools you can use to create a successful corporate innovation strategy that keeps your company competitive in your fast-changing marketplace.  

Bob Neubert is director of entrepreneurship academic programs and clinical professor of operations management and strategy in the UB School of Management. He is a passionate educator driven to improve students’ lives and serves as the director of the UB’s nationally ranked entrepreneurship academic programs.  

Outside of academics, Neubert is an entrepreneur and has successfully led multiple startups from inception through private equity acquisition. He has provided consulting services to hundreds of new ventures, large corporations and nonprofits. Neubert serves as a judge on two of the largest business competitions in the U.S. and is recognized as a leader in helping students optimize their personal financial management.