Managing Remotely

Stephanie Argentine, Executive in Residence, Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness

Be a “right now” manager and learn how to think about long-term work-from-home strategies and policies.

Due to the coronavirus, employers were forced to institute remote work policies and may try to revert later and hit a backlash, while employees may be prematurely fearful of losing the option and have some unreasonable expectations.

Learn best practices that will help prepare you once the economy begins to reopen and we are all operating in our “new normal.”

Stephanie Argentine, BA ’89, JD ’93, MBA ’00, is a former lawyer and global human resources executive with experience in health care, consumer products, government and higher education. In early 2015, she founded solve& consulting LLC, a management consulting firm focused on helping people and organizations navigate the big, ugly, messy problems and challenges that have them stuck. Most of her work is in the areas of strategy, governance and organizational alignment with some select executive coaching engagements. In addition to serving as executive in residence for the UB School of Management's Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness, Argentine teaches two graduate courses in the School of Management: “Leadership and Executive Presence” and a seminar course nicknamed “The Future of Work.”