There’s room at the top, but are you ready?

Tim Maynes.

Tim Maynes, PhD, Assistant Professor of Organization and Human Resources

Preparing the next generation of leaders.

Most first-time managers are surprised to learn that the expectations of being a boss don’t always match the reality. For many, the thrill of gaining a coveted promotion quickly gives way to feelings of uncertainty and even disorientation.

Tim Maynes, PhD, assistant professor of organization and human resources in the UB School of Management, and Mary Ann Rogers, EMBA '98, BA '86, clinical assistant professor of accounting and law and organization and human resources in the UB School of Management, completed a new study in which they surveyed hundreds of employees on the challenges associated with becoming a first-time leader or manager in the workplace.

Mary Ann Rogers.

Mary Ann Rogers, EMBA '98, BA '86, Clinical Assistant Professor of Accounting and Law and Organization and Human Resources

In this webinar, they’ll break down key findings, including:

  • How organizations can help new leaders make the transition from employee to new manager
  • Tools to successfully juggle a new set of managerial responsibilities
  • Common struggles experienced by those who were recently promoted
  • Advice on how to help overcome common challenges
  • Ways that organizations can recognize the developmental needs of the next generation of leaders and provide them with the right kind of support