Tell Me More? Receiving and Giving Feedback

Jaimie Falzarano, Managing Director of LeaderCORE

Get better at hearing comments and criticism from others.

If I told you, “I have some feedback for you,” what is your first thought? How does it make you feel? Many of us have a negative response when we hear that phrase. While much attention has been placed on giving feedback (and we will discuss that, as well), this session will put more emphasis on receiving feedback. How can you prepare yourself and others to fully receive feedback? And we’ll even take it one step further and learn to ask for feedback.

Jaimie Falzarano is an executive coach the managing director of LeaderCOREā„¢ in the UB School of Management, where she leads the program and its strategic direction, and teaches its core courses. Falzarano has a bachelor’s degree in communications from SUNY Cortland and a Master of Science in organizational communication and development from Canisius College. She is certified in Gallup Strengths, Hogan assessments, CQ-Cultural Intelligence and MBTI.

Prior to joining UB, Falzarano worked at the Walt Disney World Company, The Orlando Magic, the University of Central Florida and Canisius College. In her 20 years at UB and 25 years in higher education, Falzarano has supported students through every aspect of their development.