Collaborate to Educate

The academic experience of our students is greatly enhanced by the expertise of our business partners.

At the same time, collaborating with the School of Management to educate our students can be rewarding for members of the business community.

Class Projects and Assignments

Each semester, hundreds of School of Management students seek out companies for class assignments ranging from one-hour topical business discussions to semester-long consulting projects. We welcome and encourage your participation in these activities as they are a great way to share your knowledge and help sharpen our students' skills. To learn more, contact the Office of Internships and Experiential Learning at 716-645-3233.

School of Management students are enthusiastic about applying their skills to solve problems, create new programs or help your organization become more efficient and attract new clients. Our students offer fresh, creative approaches and are hungry for the industry knowledge that our business partners can provide. Any public, private and nonprofit organization may request an intern at the MBA, master’s or senior undergraduate level.

Presentations, Programs and Mentoring

Our business partners enjoy direct involvement with our students and faculty by lecturing in class, “adopting” a course for a semester or giving presentations at student club meetings. Many of our professional development programs—such as Conversations with an Executive, Realistic Job Previews, Coffee Cup Conversations, Employer Expectation and MentorLink—allow corporate executives and entrepreneurs to share their expertise and offer career guidance and insight to students. 

If you're interested in sharing your knowledge and experiences with our students, contact the Office of Alumni Engagement and External Relations at 716-645-3224.