Employer Services

  • Recruit Interns

    Our undergraduate and graduate students are eager to gain hands-on industry knowledge, offer creative approaches and can bring immediate value to your organization.

  • Recruit Employees

    Recruit students or alumni for full-time or part-time job opportunities. Work with our employer relations team to find the best recruitment options for your hiring needs.

  • Build Your Campus Brand

    Brand recognition is very important when attracting talented candidates. You can increase the visibility of your organization by participating in a number of events and opportunities on campus.

  • Post Your Job

    Register or log in to our online recruiting system to post jobs and internships, and sign up for on-campus interviewing, information sessions, and job fairs and events.

  • Job Fairs and Events

    Get to know UB School of Management students in a "non-interview" setting while increasing the visibility of your organization and maximizing your recruiting efforts.